Eye Of Horus Meaning

Eye Of Horus Meaning
Eye Of Horus Meaning

Eye Of Horus Meaning

The God Horus (udjat or wedjat) was the son of Osiris and the Goddess of magic Isis. Horus is known as the true visionary, prophet, and artist. Horus has the divine symbol of the falcon. As a sky god with the almighty sun (God Ra) as his right eye and the moon as his left. Horus is the falcon the all-seeing eye of psychic power. Horus also had the four elements at his command earth, fire, wind, and water, keeping a strong connection balance with nature.

The Lunar Eye of Horus is a powerful image inciting raw strength, courage, divine protection, and loyal relationships. The all-seeing eye has become so popular, conspiracy theories abound about their origin and meaning. Some organizations and secret societies have borrowed the symbol of Horus for their own use. Giving it an entirely different meaning.

The eye of Horus is the psychic eye, and the third eye is the all-seeing eye. The eye in which we see the world through a spiritual metaphysical view. It is our superhuman abilities our super consciousness in which the eye is a symbol. It’s a permanent reminder from the ancient Gods and Goddesses to always have our intuition at the forefront of our thinking.

Eye Of Horus Spiritual Meaning

The eye of Horus is a sign and symbol of seeing the messages in nature and harnessing our own psychic knowing. To claim those untapped natural talents and inspirational creativity we have forgotten. With vision and clarity and the third eye open to spirit, but with total protection.

Horus is with us always, he resides at our forehead (pineal gland) our all-seeing eye. We all have one, and we all need to able to use it if we as a planet are to ascend into a spiritual people. The eye of Horus will awaken your personality and shine a light on your good side, revealing your true nature and intent.

Eye Of Horus Metaphysical Meaning

As a symbol of protection and healing the eye of Horus has many ways in which it works. To open and awaken the third eye meditate upon the symbol by staring into its pupil. Do this in small bouts eventually, the eye will show itself to you in visions as you open your psychic portal.

When worn as jewellery for the purpose of psychic and physical protection, the gazer of the symbol feels an urge, to be honest, and worthy. Therefore safeguarding one against malicious thoughts and or psychic attacks. The lunar eye also protects against evil spirits and people who wish to hate and demonize others. © Psychic medium Ian Scott

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