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How To Do Scrying

How to do Scrying a psychic ability is known also as crystal ball gazing,
where visions of the present or future events are revealed.

how to do scrying
Psychic Development Scrying

Scrying Definition

Scrying is known also as crystal ball gazing, where visions of the present or future events are revealed. Scrying may be used for divination purposes for a single client reading or a whole town’s future.

Scrying a spiritual gift is usually performed by a medium or shaman as a state of trance is needed to achieve great results. There are a number of tools one may use for scrying such as mirrors, water, fire flames, glass, in truth any reflective surface may be used.

In essence, nature becomes our greatest scrying tool, it provides the perfect surroundings for a state of relaxation and meditation. But most of all it gives us the natural reflections of the universe itself through the moon, the waterfalls and rivers, streams and of course the sun.

Scrying For Beginners

My first experience with scrying was many years ago now, working in a supermarket on the cash register. In a brief but powerful moment I took out of the till a ten-cent coin, it caught the sun shining through the window from behind me. It reflected light so strong it took my vision away for a small time.

At that moment in my mind’s eye, I saw a vision of my father in the hospital with tubes coming out of his nose, it lasted only for a split second. My father was in good health, last I knew so it was a little confusing at the time. A day later things became clear when I received a call from the family saying dad has just been admitted to the hospital can you make the trip home.

The point to my little story is scrying is not always seeing with the physical eye, most of the time visions will appear when you close your eyes for a moment during or after a period of staring at a reflective surface.

How To Do Scrying 

First, through a matter of personal preference decide on a tool for which to use for scrying, My personal favourite is a small clear bowl of water. Use what you feel most comfortable with, some prefer a candle flame as it induces a state of trance. The scrying techniques remain the same regardless of which medium is used.

Secondly, have a focus, decide what you are scrying for, what answers are you looking for? what do you wish to see? Once you have that in place sit comfortably opposite your scrying tool, close your eyes and clear the mind of all thought other than the task at hand.

Stare without blinking the eyes directly into the reflection, hold your stare for a few minutes. Close your eyes for a few moments and repeat. A vision or visions may not appear the first few times as it takes a little to drift into a trance.

The action of staring into a reflection will naturally produce a state of trance. Sometimes a vision will appear while your eyes are open and other times while they are shut. Have a recording device or pen and paper handy to write down what you see, for further evaluation. Having a friend join in will heighten the energy and intuition. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.