Eagle Spirit Animal Meaning

Eagle totem animal
Eagle totem animal

Eagle Spirit Animal Meaning

The Yugambeh Australian Aboriginals’ word for eagle is Mibunn. A proud animal totem of prestige and wisdom, strength and power. An aboriginal mother who gave her child the totem of the eagle had visions of her child leading others and holding wisdom for the clan.

What Does It Mean To Dream About An Eagle?

Dreaming of seeing an eagle in flight is a sign of forwarding movement a particular project in your life takes focus and direction. An Eagle is a truly majestic animal spirit totem and those who dream of an Eagle are sure to have him as their totem animal. Study his magic and wisdom and draw upon his strength.

Eagle Animal Totem Meditation

Slow yourself down. Stop the mind chatter. Enjoy the energies around you and experience the unity and connectedness gained from an open heart. Be your own friend lift yourself from the problems that are presenting themselves and just focus on this meditation you are doing right now. Relax your body starting with the feet. Merely focusing on your feet will bring energy to them. Make it healing energy think of a newborn baby eagle.

Do this all through your body slowly and methodically. The Crown chakra ( top of your head ) is where you finish. At this point wrap yourself in a golden-yellow light. Channel this energy you have just mustered from the very base of both feet to the very zenith of your crown chakra.

Do not recycle the energy this is like bad air conditioning. An experienced connection with the divine energies allows us to receive constant never-ending universal healing power. Life itself. This is where healers, get their energy from. ( or should ).

Absorb the spiritual laughter
With eyes closed ready in trance now face your third eye towards the eagle.
Perched in the trees high above he sits just a thought that takes us closer.
Glistening in the sun his eye sparkles with a wink of approval.

Ask the eagle animal spirit for protection clear vision and unobstructed passage to the astral world. In return feed the birds outside your home for 3 days and 3 nights. While on this journey many of your questions may be answered all it takes is to ask yourself this question first before you start what do I want to see with the eagle as my body?

“Yes, you may see through me for a little while,
but remember I in turn will see through your eyes”.

Best to allow yourself an hour of rest after this sort of deep meditation continuing the healing process or stitching things up so to speak. Ideally Done before bed allowing a full night of focused astral sleeping. Make sure to repeat the step above before getting out of bed in the morning.

Shamans Magic Evoke The Eagle

 We stand here flat-footed, grounded, driven to and by the earth
Palms to the sky, head tilted towards the sun, we close our eyes

Shifting from the sands beneath us eagle flurries his wings
Emerging in a whirlwind his feathers cover our bodies.

Seeing with the clarity of a well-focused laser
We enter the astral, a fully-fledged eagle

With the freedom of wings, we soar to the highest point
A clouded peak set in charcoal, we perch.

From this perspective, we do see the world differently
With a sense of purpose behind it, we sent out an almighty cry

A cry which has a sharpness only equal to a samurai sword
Piercing the land calling on those who are able, to fly.

Reaching for what we previously thought was out of reach
We stand our ground, Calibrate those eyes, Sharpen those talons

Fly, allow ourselves to be loved, allow others to love us
Let peace into our hearts, and allow ourselves to be happy.

From up above, from the Eagle’s perspective,
there is nothing that cannot be solved

From this view all is still, all is calm
Eagle helps us to see into the distance,
to see what we have previously denied
ourselves of seeing. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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