Astral Travel Meditation

Astral Travel Meditation
Astral Travel Meditation

Written meditation script for astral travel. Astral travel or OBE out-of-the-body experience enables us, our souls to venture off without the body. Shamans, witches, and persons of magic are usually accredited with this miraculous event. But the truth is we all astral travel every night our soul returns to spirit while the organic body recharges and rests.

The ultimate goal of meditation is to be aware of this process allowing the body to fall asleep and the soul to detach. Meditation into astral travel keeps us conscious through the process, allowing the mind to remember the journey. Fly with me on a meditation journey that sometimes takes a lifetime to master so start now. A place where telepathic communication is the only way to communicate.

Astral Travel Meditation

Stand beside where you’re about to lay down, stand tall legs shoulder-width apart, stretch yourself towards the sky arms up, and reach through the fingertips. While poised in the ‘angel toward the sky’ formation, take a deep breath inhaling through the nose. Hold your breath for five seconds and exhale out of the mouth, do this three times while stretched and poised in form.

Relax let the arms float back slowly beside you, and sink the body into a ‘ready stance’ (arms shoulder-width apart toes facing slightly inward, knees slightly bent). While poised in a ready stance close your eyes and tilt your head back a little. Control your breathing in through the nose and out of the mouth. Face your palms towards the ground, and straighten your arms by locking your elbows.

Each time you inhale draw the life force (chi) energy from the earth bringing it up through the hand chakras and through the entire body. Do this for three minutes or so. Stay in form concentrate and hold the visualization.

Lay on the bed or floor on your back, legs shoulder-width apart and arms by your side. Not at any time during meditation should you cross your arms or legs this entangles your chi and interferes with smooth energy flow. Close your eyes, and control your breathing in through the nose and out of the mouth.

Count 4 breaths in and 4 breaths out for a total of eight, (for example, breathe in, count one breath out, count 2 breathe in, count 3 breathe out, count four and so on till reaching 8) then go back to one and repeat, do this 11 times for a total of 88 counts. Complete this exercise before moving on.

Rest now, think of nothing just relax feel comfortable, and be at peace, concentrate upon the third eye, (pineal gland, located between the brow) here is where your journey starts. Ask now for protection and enlightenment as you astral travel off to learn from the great masters of your choosing. Drift now my child go in safety peace and contentment, and come back with many answers and fewer questions than you did before.

In Conclusion

When you reach this part of meditation, you’re in deep by the time you come to the visualization. Therefore it is a good idea to have a mediation mission in mind¬†before you start. Such as I would like to meet with my guide for wisdom talks or I would like to meet with the angels for healing. Truly at this point, you have the freedom to lift off out of the body and go where you need to go.

Keep a journal close by and record your travels, 90 % of the time they will help you get in touch with your higher consciousness at a later date. Remember what you could not before. If your meditation is in a group session, discuss each person’s travels with each other as this heightens everybody’s experience. Often called an umbrella meditation. ¬© by psychic medium Ian Scott

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