Gienah Fixed Star Meaning

fixed star Gienah
Astrology Gienah Fixed Star

A huge yellow-orange fixed star, Gienah (wing) ε (Epsilon) has a magnitude of 2.46 and a spectral class KO.  Situated in the constellation Cygnus 154 light-years from Earth. Gienah has cosmic energy similar to Venus and Mercury.

Fixed Star Gienah Meaning

A complex mixture of metaphysical energies and a super bright light this star shines. With angelic healing vibrations. In times of need, this star may be called upon for healing. Its soft sensitive nature listens to the pleas of man. Like an angel who hears your whispers and cries. When spiritually attuned to Gienah your thoughts form a higher consciousness.

Spiritual meaning of Gienah. This thoughtful and dreamy but unsteady star seeks to release gentle and harmonic energy into the natural world. Look to our relationship with the forests, the lakes, and the birds… to our basic needs for survival and the human capacity to prepare for the future.

Strength, intelligence and foresight are needed to ensure that we use our natural resources wisely and efficiently so that every part of life can be a deeply significant and beautiful ritual.  Only then can we spread our wings and fly. A true transformation of the soul.

Shadow Side Of Gienah

The shadow side of the fixed star Gienah has depressive heavy anchors to carry. The message is to find a way you are again happy with yourself. Therefore giving way to loving yourself again.

Finding inner peace after a dark past is not only possible, it leads to a greater understanding of happiness. We cannot forget the past but we can surely make peace with it. The most important thing is the person you are now, is not the person you used to be. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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