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Twin Flames Vs Soul Mates

What are twin flames and soul mates and what’s the difference
How do you know if someone is a twin flame or a soul mate.

twin flames
Power Of The Twin Flames

What Are Twin Flames And Soul Mates

The spiritual meaning behind twin flames and soul mates. The concept of soul mates and twin flames has a grounding in the belief of reincarnation, the immortal soul. As the soul journeys through one life to another a spiritual ascension and awakening take place. Soul mates and twin flames are those souls we have met along the way and our meeting up with them again in another life.

Group soul is another important belief aspect of twin flames and soul mates, this is the universal law of karma. A group of souls of about 30 people starts and finish their learning on earth together. Earth is known as schoolhouse earth for growing souls, baby soul, young soul, old soul, King soul, transcendental soul.

These 30 or so people journey together through their changing lives creating karma amongst the group, good or bad but somewhat contained. These 30 souls create karma with others good and bad, this is when soul mates are born. Our mother in one lifetime could become our sister in another and so on.

Twin flames are from this group soul-making up many lifetimes of love and relationships. Each time the lovers meet again they marry and live their karma and love together. Twin flames are the ultimate in long marriages.

Twin Flames Vs Soul Mates

Born from the same group soul and entering the spiritual growth together is a powerful thing. So powerful in fact we all often subconsciously look for our twin flame during our lives. Some cannot settle until they find them. The trouble here is, we first must deal with our karma we created with others in our past lives.

This is often why we meet our karmic soul mates first to relieve ourselves of karma. So not all the time are soul mates a fun journey, in fact, the energy is so strong when we meet a soul mate, we mistake it for love. After a period of time has past hindsight tells us that person was good for us I learned a lot, but I don’t love them in the same way.

Twin flames, on the other hand, have no such karma and recognition is not so simple. Often we can spend years with someone as a friend never thought of being with them romantically. But when the power of the twin flames ignite and soul memory is broken down, we remember who they are. And again in another lifetime and so on. The karma involved in twin flames is always positive and about coming together not spiritual growth as such.

Spiritual growth is done with our karmic soul mates, the people we interact with, and the people we share our time with. There are two distinct feelings one of soul mates and one of twin flames and when it happens to you, I promise you, you will know. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott