Finding Feathers Meaning And Symbolism

Finding feathers symbolism and meaning
Finding feathers symbolism and meaning

The magical world of feathers and their connection to the realm of spirit. There are many ways in which our spirit guides are able to reach us here on the earthly plane. One of them is to manipulate the fall of a feather to land right before you. Sending you a sign, a message to be deciphered and connections from the other world to be made.

Finding Feathers Meaning And Symbolism

It’s not an easy task to hold the attention of the living to the dead. As everybody’s minds are cluttered with their busy lives. And their bodies are worn keeping up. The lightness of a feather is just perfect for spirit, to guide you. Send you a sign.

Using the term spirit is rather broad. To add some perspective feathers may be guided by family members as well as spirit guides (angels) and animal spirit guides. Especially bird totems of course. The message you receive may be from an owl Aunt Betty or an archangel.

Literally, there are millions of meanings for feathers appearing. It really does depend upon the circumstances in which you find the feather. And what you may be going through in your life at the time. Sometimes feathers may even appear because we asked for a sign of some kind. Some heavenly guidance to help us through a difficult time.

For example, the picture above, if you look closely has an ant right in the middle of the feather. If you were to find this in front of you on a walk. The message would be about your work. Ants symbolise teamwork and they are able to lift ten times their own weight. The sign augers that if you work hard promotions and security come your way. And that business project you’re working on has success written all over it.

Finding Feathers In Unusual Places

Finding feathers in unusual places that taunt and surprise you. Like in the car, in the washing machine, nestled in a tree. Is nine times out of ten a family member? One who has recently passed. And wishes to express their presence.

In the hope, they’ll receive comfort in the knowledge they are ok and move on to the world of spirit. One other thing happens in this circumstance. When the feather is picked up and the signs are recognized. Pure love then travels down from the family member to the receiver of the feather. ( pure love on an energy level heats the body and succumbs to the aura of feeling contentment) A real and true emotional connection is able to be made. What a blessing.

Finding Feathers On The Ground

What does it mean when you find a feather in your path? The message is one of finding self-confidence to move forward and take risks. There is no glory without guts. Spirit asks you to take the leap into the unknown and learn something entirely new to you. Stretching your skills and mind to higher consciousness. Small goals fulfilled now, will set up your future.

Feather Colours And Their Meanings

White Feather Meaning: Finding a white feather is a calling, alerting you to the unseen world. A symbol that says your path is a spiritual one. What does it mean when you find a white feather in your house? A move is approaching, so as to correct the energy that you feel all the time. Shifting into a more relaxed open energy one of peace.

Grey Feather Meaning. Is all about balance and focus. Reminding you to focus on what you truly want in life. Otherwise, it will pass you by. As well as finding balance within your emotions. Understanding why you feel certain ways about certain things. A way of spiritual growth.

Black Feather Meaning. Finding a black feather symbolizes mystery and secrets revealed. Your past needs attention, there are things that up until this point in your life have been hidden. Seek the mysteries of your past. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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