Cockatoo Symbolism And Spiritual Meaning

cockatoo symbolism
Cockatoo symbolism and spiritual meaning

With a noble crest of bright yellow brilliance and a glorious large white wing span like an angel is the Australian sulphur-crested white cockatoo. (Cacatua galerita) One of Australia’s spiritual birds who bring us signs from nature and messages from beyond.

As spirit animals cockatoos come in many forms shapes and sizes. They communicate through our dreams, the physical through synchronicity and signs and the gaze of their eyes into yours. There is a psychic energy to the cockatoo able to sense danger and kindness.

Cockatoo Spiritual Meaning

The cockatoo holds great significance in Aboriginal culture, representing strength, beauty, and intelligence. In many Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, the cockatoo is seen as a messenger between the spirit world and the living world.

Its striking white feathers and distinctive crest make it a popular subject for traditional Aboriginal art, and its unique calls and behaviour continue to fascinate and inspire people today. Overall, the cockatoo is a cherished and revered symbol of Aboriginal culture and spirituality.

Cockatoo Spirit Animal Message

The cockatoo bird totem reminds us to be involved in the community and the sharing of wisdom. Great feats are possible with a group connection and a wanting for the same goal. Working together to achieve what is impossible on one’s own.

In this same manner, cockatoo asks us to cherish our real friends hold our family tight and practise unconditional love. The true message of the cockatoo is we need to look at all people as if they were our own sons and daughters. This is the way we breed empathy and compassion.

Looking into the cockatoo’s eyes is an emotional experience if the bird loves you. He or she will mirror your love through the look in their eyes. This creates a strong bond that will last forever. Plus the cockatoo is in sync with your feelings. It’s not uncommon for a pet cockatoo to squawk or talk if there is danger such as a fire or intruder.

White Cockatoo Symbolism

When you hear a flock of cockatoos all squawking their tune at the same time as they fly by. It’s alarming noisy and irritating, but it’s meant to be. The spiritual significance is to take caution of those around you whom you do not yet trust.

Finding a cockatoo feather is a sign that you’re changing on the inside. A new step in a different direction. A spiritual growth pattern emerges encouraging you to find purpose and meaning in all you do.

Seeing 2 cockatoos visiting your space augers a connection from the past. Someone will contact you whom you have not seen nor communicated with for a long time. This is good energy and usually leads to reconciliation.

The symbology behind seeing 3 cockatoos. Either following you or they keep coming back into your vision. Augers a family occasion. Take note If the cockatoos are screaming it’s not a nice message a family member needs you. If they are relaxed and playing and feeding it’s a good omen for one of the group get-togethers and times to celebrate. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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