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House number meaning
House number meaning

House Address The Secrets

All matter is energy, all energy vibrates. Your name, as in sound, tone, vibration, and word meaning all add up to your unique vibration. When someone calls your name they ring out that very vibration every single time.

This has a dramatic effect on your feelings and emotions which are detected through the vibratory movements within the auric field This is the exact reason we instantly feel something, whether it be anger or sadness when someone calls us an abusive and foul word.

And so your address where you live has its own vibration which is delivered every time you write it down or speak it aloud. This vibration sets the tone for the unique energy that becomes yours. Often the address you live in also contains the vibratory energy you need for spiritual growth.

Or not, you can go backward. So let’s get to it, shall we? How do we work out the vibration our address holds? This way of working out a final vibration for your address is not traditional numerology it is accumulated knowledge of the metaphysical arts which I put into practice. Give it a go for your own address and see how it works for you.

Numerology code
Number code

Numerology House Number Code

Using our example numerology house number to work with, our conclusion comes from breaking down the address into its various forms of magic. Follow along by substituting your address with example one. I call this the vibrational tree.

Example address:

7/204 Howland Road
Gladstoneberry 32658

1 Root: The numbers at the beginning such as unit or flat number or house number. Hold the vibration of first impression energies. Add these together and reduce them to a single number. 7+2+0+4 = 13. One plus three equals 4. The vibration for the initial numbers is four. See the number meanings at this point to understand the meaning of the number four.

2 Trunk: The street, road, or lane contains the vibration of growth and direction. Word association is used here to break down a word to find its meaning. Using the example above I see clearly straight away two words.

Howl and land an easy one. Howl, is the sound a wolf makes at the full moon a celebration and honouring of nature. Land, of course, is freedom and space with fertility. Using the above number code transfer the letters into numbers. Add them together and reduce them to a single number. In our example case, Howland Rd becomes 8653154 9614. (8+6+5+3+1+5+4 – 9+6+1+4) = 52 – 5+2 = 7.

3 Branches: The suburb holds the vibration of extended arms or branches. The magic of word association shows me three clear vibrations, glad as in happy, stone, and berry as in the fruit, fruits of life. Again swap the letters for numbers using the code above. In our example case, Gladstoneberry transfers to 7+3+1+4+1+2+6+5+5+2+5+9+9+7 = 66 – 6+6 = 12 – 1+2 = 3.

4 Leaves: Hold the vibration of that which surrounds you. The postcode is the vibration of the suburb in which you live. Add them together and reduce them to a single number. 3+2+6+5+8 = 24. Two plus four equals six. 6 is the vibrational number of the above postcode.

Refer to the number meanings, to understand each vibrational energy of your house. To find the dominating overall vibrational number for your home add all the previous numbers together. Root  = 4 РTrunk = 7 РBranches = 3 РLeaves = 6. (4+7+3+6) = 20 = 2. The number two is our house number for the example address above.

Numerology House Number The Reading: Strikingly the first number is seven one of intuition love and healing. And I notice an owl in the street name too. Expressing wisdom and knowledge and an ability to listen.

Hmmm, your little birdhouse is inviting for visitors, showing caring warm vibrations with empathy and intelligence within its structure. You feel at home as soon as you arrive in the driveway followed by a relaxing feeling. The direction it faces is one of wealth to the north.

Your turn now what’s your house number? And what does it mean for you? See the meanings chart below. To understand the magic of your house number. And how it fits with your family’s vibrations.

Your House Numbers

One: A joyous time is spent at this address opening up to brighter things when change arrives. The skills attained while living here provide the structure of skills you use in the future to build a future. Watch your spending on renovations and like. Things could and can get out of hand if you let them on a financial level.

Two: Whether a unit or house the number two predicts balance and control. These two factors determine your relationship with your home. Togetherness. On the flip side, the 2 can also stagnate and freeze things around you. If the house is negative such as emotionally charged fighting.

Three: One of the best house numbers it brings clear communication growth and stability. It’s a house that encourages family friends and good times. A number three house needs open spaces to thrive. To enhance a number 3 home have matching items of three around the home.

Four: Showing a balance of the four directions it is a safe home, away from fires and floods. The yard and garden invite nature sprites and faeries to wander the grounds bringing luck and prosperity. It’s important for this property to have some sort of garden to bring the positives out of the number four.

Five: The number 5 unit or house tends to be temporary but a necessity to be able to move forward. The number five house predicts clearing one’s path of obstacles. As well as finding and learning the path of least resistance.

Six: With practicality in mind, new pathways and avenues are explored by building gardens. The energy of the number six home is one of fresh light and a different approach to things around you. Which brings about resolution and forward movement for all who live there.

Seven: The number 7 influences our intuition, home, domestic nature, and nurturing qualities. The 7 house is protective, tenacious, and has an instinctual character. The Sun and the Moon are known as the two eyes of the universe. The seven houses have the deepest impact on human emotions. Stirring the soul and uplifting the spirit.

Eight: Abundance is a state of mind always be grateful for what you already have, every day. This is the message of the number 8 house. Within its walls, this gratefulness is the magic to spark positivity. Positive thought invites love, love invites happiness, and happiness invites abundance.

Nine: Number 9 is a special vibration for a home it helps us find common ground and connect with our family on matters of the heart. The vibration inside the home is one of love and it soothes and strengthens those relations. Use colourful objects around the home to amplify the nine’s energy.

Conclusion: Give it a good red hot crack, and see how you go. This type of interpretation relies on the level of your psychic and intuitional ability. So don’t be hard on yourself, if you can’t quite get your head around it at first. ¬© Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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