Turquoise Crystal Meaning

turquoise meaning
Turquoise crystal meaning

Turquoise Crystal Meaning

The Turquoise stone carries the same name as the colour shade between blue and green. For this reason, Turquoise is often associated with the sky and water.  And its lines of brown to grey represent the earth.

A sister stone of the turquoise is the Lapis Lazuli. Both symbolise the sea and the sky. In its true essence, Turquoise stone is one of protection. Protection whilst travelling or fighting the good fight.

Turquoise resonates with a strong calming vibration that uplifts and purifies. Cleaning the room where it is placed of residual negative energy left over from guests in your home. Also aids in the relaxation and temperament of children and adults who struggle with sleep.

Turquoise is the birthstone for the month of December and is associated with the astrological star sign of Libra. Attached with these signs and symbols is the sacred Holly tree from the ancient Celtic alphabet the Ogham.


Love And Friendship
Spiritual Power

Turquoise Healing Properties

Turquoise stone talisman of shamans and warriors. Considered a sacred stone among many civilizations. Turquoise helps us tune into our own personal power our confidence and our self-esteem. The turquoise stone enhances psychic ability and the use of telepathy. Warriors wore turquoise stone as an amulet to foresee their enemies’ movements and favour a victory in battle.

Animal spirit guides the eagle symbolising the strength and power of the turquoise stone. Both the eagle and the turquoise stone elevate our abilities of sight, foresight and hindsight. Helping us to see the past, present and future. Make turquoise the perfect shamans tool to see what others cannot.

As a protection amulet turquoise acts as a shield against psychic attacks and negative thoughts sent from others. Placed and left to rest on the third eye (located above the brow in the centre of the forehead) turquoise will open this chakra. Increasing its size and amplitude. Helping one to develop our sixth sense, our psychic powers.  © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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