How To Send Distant Healing

how to send distant healing
Distant Healing

Our thoughts are the most powerful energy man possesses. Ever been thinking of someone and a few minutes later your phone rings and to your amazement its the exact person you were just thinking of? This is the telepathic psychic power of thought in action.

This is quite a common occurrence especially between family and close friends. If we understand how this works, we can harness its power to send, not only thoughts to others but love and healing energy as well.

Telepathic Triggers

The person about to ring you is thinking of you, and most importantly wanting to reach out to you. The simple act of thinking of you sets up a telepathic energy wave. The act of thinking to pick up the phone and connect with them. Sends the thought hurtling towards them, as a telepathic radio wave.

And suddenly you start to think of the person who has sent out that thought to you. Bang! right there, telepathic connection complete. Now all that is left is the physical actions, picking up the phone to ring and of course answering it.

This happens all the time and with everything and every thought you have. Whether you are aware of it or not. It happens quite naturally. The trick lies in the relationship between the sender and the receiver. The stronger the love between the two the more powerful the connection will be.

How To Send Distant Healing

Distant healing works in exactly the same way. The only thing that changes is the intention. Once the energy has been gathered through the power of thought. It is up to the thinker as to what to do with that energy. In the above scenario, energy was gathered about a person with the intention of physical communication.

Sit in peace and close the eyes. Start to think about the person to whom you wish to send healing energy too. Recall happy memories of them. Visualize their smiling face and the colour of their eyes. Hold a picture of them in your mind’s eye. Think about how much you love them and care for them. For, it is this love that is the spiritual magic. The most powerful healing energy of all, love.

Love is the healing energy you wish to send. Now you have gathered energy and intention. With your eyes still closed reach out with both hands palms facing upwards. Channel the healing energy you just mustered from the heart to the hands. Holding the picture of your loved one in your mind. Visualize this energy throwing forth from the hands to the person. A constant flow of white healing energy.

By making the receiver aware that you are doing this at a pacific time. Enhances the healing power and amplifies telepathic communication. The receiver will feel the healing as a heat a warmth similar to a cosy blanket. Healing sent with the intention of love sparks the process of self-healing within the body. Warming the soul and soothing the heart providing comfort.


Our thoughts are magic, they become tangible and material. Once we give them intention and direction and of course action. An important note here is this is how depression and anxiety grab a hold of us. Our thoughts are focused on what we do not have or the negativity of our situation. Therefore conjuring more depression and anxiety. What we think is what comes to us. Copyright Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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