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Aquarius Star Sign Meaning

Aquarius star sign meaning To embrace a unique identity and path towards
a journey of self-discovery.  This journey involves confronting fear and insecurity.

Aquarius star sign meaning

Aquarius Sign

22nd January – 21st February

Aquarius Star Sign Meaning

Glyph:  Water, Electricity, Chi
Element:  Air
Colour:  Iridescent Blue
Motto:  I Rebel
Affirmation:  Universal freedom and tolerance
Body:  The Nervous System
StoneLapis Lazuli, Azurite, Quartz
Yoga:  Pranayama, Breath of Fire
Sacred AnimalsCat, Otter, and Cuckoo
Rune Stones: Laguz, Ingwaz

Aquarius Sexuality

Aquarius star sign meaning sexuality. Eccentric, bisexual, weirder the better, voyeurism, toys.

Aquarius Mythology

In Greek mythology, the constellation Aquarius was known as the “Water Bearer” and associated with the legend of Zeus and Ganymede.  Ganymede was the sex slave of Zeus (NB. In ancient Greece, it was the social norm for an older man to take a young man as a lover and cup-pourer or “water-bearer”). Ganymede rebelled against Zeus, refusing to be his servant any longer and poured out all the wine, ambrosia, and water of the gods.

The legend goes that all the waters fell to Earth, causing storms and torrential rain for days upon days… eventually flooding the world. In the Babylonian star catalogues, Aquarius is identified as “The Great One” and represents the god Ea, one of the most powerful gods in the Mesopotamian pantheon, who is commonly depicted holding an overflowing vase.

Aquarius Personality

The Rebel – to rebel against existing authority or circumstances in order to evolve as an individual.  To embrace a unique identity and path towards a journey of self-discovery.  This journey involves confronting fear and insecurity in order to find security purely from within.  As this growth begins the person begins to vibrate differently, attracting people of like mind to them.

Aquarius Shadow Self

Alienated, fragmented, unemotional, insensitive, and aloof.

Aquarius Constellation

Aquarius star sign meaning the Water Bearer is the 10th largest constellation and is located in a region of the sky sometimes called “the Sea”. This part of the sky looks dark and deep and the stars tend to be very faint.

Aquarius Brightest Star

The brightest star in the constellation is a rare yellow supergiant known as Sadalsuud (Luckiest of the Lucky) situated approximately 600 light-years from Earth.  This star belongs to a group of three intermediate-mass stars with a space velocity that is carrying them perpendicular to the plane of the galaxy.

X-ray emissions from the corona of this star have been detected along with a second X-ray source.  This secondary source is believed to be from an extragalactic origin.  Sadalsuud is a star of mighty destiny… it confers charm, wit, happiness, and victory. Genius. © Crystal Gaze Astrology