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February Spiritual Meaning

February meaning. The spiritual, astrological and numerology meanings for the
month of February, and how we can utilize the energy shifts to work for us.

february spiritual meaning

Numerology February

February holds the vibrations of the number two ( element water ) being the second month of the calendar year and the number six ( element air ) the vibration of the word February itself. The sound vibration of February is demanding and a little harsh with some complex softer undertones.

Numerology Power Days

The days which contain the most favourable energy shifts for the month of February are the 11th and 15th, 20th, and 24th. These dates in February are auspicious to plan important events as they are the least likely to hold any problems or negative karma.

Symbology Of February

The Zodiac signs for February are Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) and Pisces (February 19 to March 20). On the second moon of the Celtic year, the Ash tree and the Rowan tree are February’s sacred Ogham trees. The Birthstone for the month of February is the Amethyst crystal. Valentine’s day falls on February the 14th celebrating love of all kinds.

In the northern hemisphere on February 1st and 2nd, the celebrations of Imbolc arrive, in the southern hemisphere we celebrate Lughnasadh ( also known as Lammas ) on the 2nd of February. Imbolc symbolizes the rising light of spring emerging from the creative feminine waters of the earth. The Lughnasadh festival was celebrated by the making and breaking of bread in honour of those who tend to the harvest and grain crops throughout the season.

The birthstone representing February is amethyst. Strengthens relationships and empowers personal development in the wearer. A relaxing stone with therapeutic energies, slip an amethyst crystal under your bed for a relaxing nights sleep.

Spiritual Meaning For The Month Of February

The energy shifts, spiritual influences, and vibrations of February possess strong passions for love and romance a time to really appreciate the people around us with love and compassion. Taking a little time to reflect on the love from others and what it means to you personally, proceeding into action showing those around you just how you feel.

A touch of enchantment presses through in February, allowing us to dream a little. Most importantly the gift of being able to see through the eyes of a child magically grasps our attention. Finding happiness in the simplest of things and not allowing time to interfere with our pursuits is the energy for the month of February. © by psychic medium Ian Scott