Clear Quartz Crystal Meaning

clear quartz crystal meaning
Clear Quartz Crystal Meaning

Metaphysical Properties Clear Quartz

Clear quartz crystal. Crown chakra, healing power, magickal energy, clarity of mind, helps one connect with their higher self, aids in clear communication with spirit. Prismatic effects release light rainbows enabling it to tackle all healing situations and or circumstances.

Clear quartz holds a high vibrational programmable energy for all kinds of esoteric work. Especially useful for crystal grid work. Emotionally purifying the clear quartz brings purity clarity and honesty to one’s work.

Clear Quartz Crystal Meaning

Rock crystal as it’s sometimes known as a purifier, amplifier, and conductor of spiritual energy. Clear quartz is a powerful cleanser of the aura dispelling negativity and regulating anxiousness, harmonizing and balancing the aura’s energy.

Pure quartz crystal functions as a clear strong transmitter and amplifier of psychic and healing energy. It is used in crystal healing to correct energy imbalances of the aura and clear unwanted spirits.

Spiritual Meaning Of Quartz Crystal

The healing properties of clear quartz stand on their own working with the physical and mental states, this process is taken a step further when a quartz crystal is placed in the hands of a healer. Quartz contains the ascension code locked within its properties.

It is the ultimate spiritual awakening tool, so powerful a novice will eventually begin to feel its power. Communication of the ascension code is possible with quartz, acting as a telephone to the universe. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott

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