Saturn Planet Meaning Astrology

saturn astrology meaning
Saturn astrology meaning

Saturn is the second-largest planet in our solar system. It is a gas giant having the most unique and detailed ring system, made up mostly of water ice. It has some of the most exhilarating turbo-fast winds in our solar system.

Saturn Planet Meaning Astrology

Saturn, Discipline, learning, slowness of time and production, Refinement, Meditation. Saturn is the planet of testing and initiation. Saturn represents structure, discipline, concentration, severity, detachment, rigidity, maturity, wisdom, and responsibility.

Saturn is named after the Roman god Saturnus, equated to the Greek Kronos, the Titan father of Jupiter is the God Zeus. Saturn’s astrological symbol represents this god’s sickle, the elevation of the cross of matter above the semi-circle and the impartiality of the Spirit.

In order from the sun, it is the last planet, that can be seen with the naked eye. It takes Saturn close to 30 years to orbit the Sun. Saturn is easily distinguished from the other planets by its mesmerising rings.

When Saturn is well-positioned in the astrology chart, the individual is diligent, persevering, reliable, stable, patient and possesses the ability to focus. Saturn is also the planet of strict justice, law and order. It is conservative and practical and affects the physical work-life it symbolizes career and ambition.

Saturn Gods: Roman god = Greek god Cronus.
Saturn Astrology: Rules Capricorn and Aquarius and are exalted in Libra.
Saturn Medical Astrology: In the body, Saturn represents the skeletal system and teeth.
Rune Stones: LaguzIngwaz
Crystals associated with Saturn are onyx, jet and obsidian.
Plants and flowers that align with Saturn are holly, hops, hemp and the pine tree.

Frustration, inhibition, isolation, separation, failure, death of the self, dryness, heaviness, and authority.  Saturn tends to remove extravagances and sometimes even simple pleasures and focuses our attention on our responsibilities. Can be serious, thrifty and ambitious. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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