Otter Spirit Animal Meaning

Otter totem animal
Otter totem animal

Otter Spirit Animal Meaning

This beautiful creature is a little goddess in her own right. She encompasses the word woman with empathy, sympathy, and compassion at the forefront of her mind. The otter is a symbol of love, companionship, and marriage, a sacred union a blessed relationship.

The otter spirit animal offers protection during childbirth. The sensual nature of the otter spirit is to nurture the woman through the most significant times in her life. Providing healing to family matters of health both mental and physical.

Colour: Silver
Plant: Quaking Aspen
Elemental Clan: Butterfly
Mineral: Silver
Element: Air, Water
Power Direction: North
Energy: Feminine

Calling on the otter in these times as a form of spiritual guidance is wise. As the otter has strong precognition skills coupled with psychic vision. Allowing her to see what others cannot. Otters’ magic is truly in her timing. The ability to know exactly what to do and when to do it. To create the most positive of outcomes.

Otter Spiritual Meaning

Otter’s spiritual message is one of healing and nurturing. The soft relaxed nature of the otter asks you, have you made time for yourself? Are you looking after yourself? Otter personality types tend to look after others before themselves. And sometimes this can be self-destructive. Neglecting the most basic of care for themselves.

When pride and self-esteem are low, the otter asks you to look for all positives about yourself. Feeling and being healthy in both body and mind makes us better parents, and lovers. and family members.

Otter reminds us to follow our passions in life. Find the things you’re most excited about and pursue those things. Finding success in the material world by doing what makes you happy. Shining a positive light of inspiration in abundance to all those around you.

Otter Symbology

The Otter spirit animal in its essence is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. In Ireland, the Otter is a sacred animal to Manannan mac Lir.  A mythical sea god and to Ceridwen the great Mother Goddess. In Astrology if you were born between Northern Hemisphere: Jan 20 – Feb 18 – Southern Hemisphere: Jul 22 – Aug 22 you have the Native American Star Sign of Otter. Otter is compatible with and has a spiritual connection and relationship to the Raven, Hawk, and Deer.

Otter Totem Personality

An otter totem character trait is playfulness and mischievous antics. These are never to harm another or cause shame or grief. In the otter’s eyes, it’s all fun and laughter. The otter believes through joy the natural healing process of the body is amplified.

The otter is a forward thinker. And is cautious to act unless all angles have been considered. Through insight foresight and hindsight, the otter makes decisions based on her educated intuition and knowledge.

Honesty and loyalty are the otter’s most favourable traits. Otter will protect and care for any member of her family to the extreme if she has to. Even though the otter is small her warrior spirit is large and there if she needs it. Copyright psychic medium Ian Scott.

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