Alibali Fixed Star Meaning

Alibali Fixed Star Meaning
Alibali Fixed Star Meaning

The white sub-giant fixed star Alibali (The Swallower) is situated in the left hand of the Water Bearer in the constellation Aquarius. With a magnitude of 3.8 and an influence similar to the planets Mars and Mercury.

Fixed Star Alibali Meaning

Alibali comes as a mixed bag of sours and sweets. Even though hard work and a not-so-good start are indicated. The energy of this star rewards those who persevere through despair and hardship.

Spiritual knowledge is gained this way. Leading to better choices and decisions in the future. When spiritual growth is obtained and maintained this becomes a very fortunate star indeed. Bring dreams to reality with flair and ease.

Those who have the fixed star Alibali in their natal chart are bound to bring change to the world. With their optimistic sometimes naive approach to life. Making mistakes is the way we grow and prosper with wisdom.

Just don’t make mistakes for the fun of it though when you know better. As this star brings to the forefront our higher selves. Our super consciousness, the highway to intuition and ascension.

Having higher knowledge can be a burden but only if you don’t act on it. The best way to deal with this energy is to go with it, don’t fight it. Become that monk or health care worker. Submit to who you are, not what others want you to be.

Found prominent in an astrology chart on a full moon. Bringing the silent time of Alibali energy, new inspiration can be received from higher sources… the inspiration which can change lives.  So rely upon these inner revelations and allow them to guide the start of all new developments. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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