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Sadalsuud Fixed Star Astrology

The brightest star in the constellation is a rare yellow supergiant known as Sadalsuud
(Luckiest of the Lucky) situated approximately 600 light-years from Earth.

Sadalsuud fixed star meaning
Sadalsuud Fixed Star

Sadalsuud fixed star is of similar energy and may project influences from the planets Saturn and Mercury. From the star constellation of Aquarius. A prestigious and extremely fortunate star. A sign of maturity and royalty. Also, a touch of magic follows those who have Sadalsuud prominent in their astrology chart.

Sadalsuud Fixed Star Astrology

Sadalsuud is a fixed star of mighty destiny… it confers magical charm, quick wit, happiness, and victory. Genius mind that sometimes goes mad. This fixed star belongs to a group of three intermediate-mass stars with a space velocity that is carrying them perpendicular to the plane of the galaxy. An amazing quite unique star.

Sadalsuud reaches other dimensions intertwines with planes of existence and manipulates time. A portal into the past present and future. A magical mirror for which we may see the fate of man. The mistakes, the violence the youth of the soul. In a hope, self-reflection strikes change.

X-ray emissions from the corona of this star have been detected along with a second X-ray source. This secondary source is believed to be from an extragalactic origin. A projected light source that literally reaches the earth through reflecting off the moon.

Full moon conjunct Sadalsuud. The full moon provides Sadalsuud, a way, a path to the people of earth. Tuning into this light source on a meditative level. Will attune your aura (life-chi) to this energy. Accumulating positive lucky energy for which you may utilize outwardly in your life.

In any position within an astrology chart, the fixed star Sadalsuud has more than a positive influence. It literally changes lives and reawakens souls. When notable in chart recognize its abundance to affect other aspects. This star has the ability to turn negative aspects into positive ones. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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