Laguz Rune Stone Meaning

Laguz Rune Stone Meaning
Laguz Rune Stone Meaning

Laguz is the 21st rune and the fifth runestone in Tyr’s Aett. This rune represents life in the form of water. Ruling the rivers waterfalls the ocean, rivers and canals. Also indicating foreign travel overseas.

Laguz Rune Stone Meaning

Laguz Rune Stone Meaning and spiritual metaphysical influences for divination purposes. From the Viking alphabet the Elder Futhark. Connections with the moon, dolphin and willow tree.

Laguz the emotional water rune, keeper of psychic energy. Laguz represents the sea the ocean, rivers, lakes, and creeks. Water has the power of healing and regeneration, drink clear silica water to enhance your body’s intake of water.

A powerful rune just like water, bringing forth psychic energy, strengthened intuition with a boost of decision-making skills. Finding inner peace through spirituality is this runes strength, helping one to achieve balance emotionally and physically. Laguz often appears when health is a concern, drawing this rune asks you to understand your body’s needs against wants.

 Phonetic: L
God: Njord
Keywords: Moon. tides, sea
Symbolic Meaning: Ocean – gentle
Element: Water
Health: Kidneys
Polarity: Feminine

On the shadow side or reversed meaning to Laguz augers harsh storms and tidal waves bringing destruction. On a metaphorical level, it can indicate an emotional breakdown of some kind. Suggesting a period of grief and loss. This rune also symbolizes dreams, the astral world and nightmares. Often the dreams following the drawing of this rune are prophetic signs of the future.

Magical Uses Of Laguz Rune

Meditate upon this rune to enhance esoteric understanding and spiritual knowledge. Laguz rune opens the third eye, the perfect rune to hold in front of you before you begin to read the runes. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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