Iridology How To Do It

Iridology How To Do It
Iridology How To Do It

How To Do Iridology Reading The Eyes

Iridology is a long-practised psychic art form going back thousands of years. The practice comes with charts and interpretations and is now considered a “science”. There is a lot of information already out there on this fascinating subject.

Like all things I write about it is first a natural experience for me. Learning to understand my psychic energy. And it was only a few years ago, I realized there was a name for reading the eyes for divination and health purposes.

Below are my experiences and what and how I see the art of iridology. And how I use it to read people I have never met. I have found it to be the most accurate form of reading about physical and mental health. Although I do advise using the aura as a guide to back up any diagnosis iridology gives.

Iridology Metaphysical Meaning

In conversation one is able to see through the mask, all people use to either cope socially or hide something, secrets. When they are talking this window is not open widely, due to their concentration on what they are voicing and projecting outwards.

When you are talking, the window opens and psychically you see their mask, but also their true selves. While you are talking is the time and moment best for reading the eyes?

Both Eyes

Looking generally at both eyes with no particular focus on any specific facial features. Allows one to see the health of someone whether they may be physically ill or suffering from a mental health condition. Also, it provides a general makeup of the person’s personality.

This is the moment you either like someone or you don’t, whether conscious of why or not. This is especially powerful when standing close enough to them to connect aura energies.

The shadow side

When someone is trying to take advantage of you first look into their left eye. If you don’t like what you see, stay clear, whether you understand it or not. After, focus on both eyes with no particular attention on any features.

A dark-tinted lens comes over the eyes descending from the top of the eye downwards.  And covers their eyes completely, almost changing the colour of their eyes. This is a great sign that the person is consumed by the dark and the negative and lost themselves to another not-so-nice spirit.

The Right Eye

Focusing on the right eye foretells a person’s sweet and lovable side and also their mask. This is the eye that shows you the good side of someone’s personality, the gentle and loving eye. Through this eye, we see all that interests a person and makes them happy.

But also the happiness he or she shows to the world. If a person shows sadness, discomfort, and a dwelling in the right eye. It indicates a past trauma that has not yet been healed. The right eye shows the animal spirit or guide who works with the person on spiritual endeavours.

The Left Eye

Focusing on the left again with the above rules in play seeing through conversation. The left eye shows us the negative side, the dark side of a personality. Here we see, mistrust, fear, and anxiety but also the fighter within.

The mistrust shows as past hurt, where their trust for people has been taken from them through life experiences. The left eye is not straight nor aligned with the other eye when severe mental or emotional problems avail.

Psychic Signs Of The Eyes

Two different coloured eyes on a frequently changing basis reveal a struggle with critical mental illness. This is usually shown as one blue eye and brown eye. Seeing an animal spirit or spiritual guide in the left eye augers one has been infused with this spirit through darkness and negativity.

Calling them in, without fully knowing or understanding it, ushering in bad spirits brings mental illness to someone. Another interesting article that is directly related is psychic sign body intuitions >  © from Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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