Angel Oracle Card Reading

Angel Oracle Card Reading
Angel Oracle Card Reading

Angel Oracle Card Reading

Now is the time to celebrate and conjure the all-powerful angel within. Feel the deep placid tones of your heartbeat gravitate to the rhythm of the universe. In movement, ebb, and flow the universe thrives on cycles and rhythms.

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and arms up reaching for the sky, feel the part you play in the rhythm, feel it from the centre of your being, scream I’m alive. Time to get in touch with our inner angel. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

angel oracle cards
angel oracle cards

Blessing Angel

You are forgiven
you are from the same family
we are all learning

Know you have
been blessed
feel it in your bones

A wonderful fresh
start a gift of love
of trust and unity

Go forward knowing
we are all behind you
and believe in you

You are blessed
and many blessings


Finding the angel beauty in all things is an important spiritual lesson, but most of all we need to find love for ourselves. Self-love, without it we can never truly love another. Journey deep inside to find the things you love about yourself. Watch yourself share this love of the self and others.

There is no better place to be than wrapped in the arms of love. The temple we call the soul houses our truest self, to be in touch we need to find peace and love. And then live that love and truth every day in this way we are kept healed and nurtured by the angels themselves.

How To Use The Free Guides And Angels Oracle Cards

Step one close your eyes take a deep breath and silently ask your angels and guides to show you the message which is most important to you. Ask a question to the angel oracle cards and keep it in mind whilst you complete step two. Step two-click or tap the shuffle button located on the left under the angel cards.

Step three-click or tap the flip card button located on the right below the guides and angels oracle card deck. Step four study the image shown and click or tap the angel card image again to reveal its angel card meaning. Or alternatively use the description table below. © Psychic medium Ian Scott 

Blessing Angel

You are forgiven, you are from the same family, and we are all learning. Know you have been blessed, feel it in your bones. A wonderful fresh start, a gift of love trust and unity. Go forward knowing we are all behind you and believe in you. You are blessed and many blessings.

Intuition Angel

Your inner guidance, your gut feeling, your knowing. Will not let you down learning to trust your intuition takes time. The soft feminine sound of whispering angels shows you signs of the future. Seeing the way, not just for yourself but others too.

Love Angel

Loving yourself is the pathway to finding love with another. Be happy with being you, and thrive in your own company. Love comes your way under these circumstances. The guiding light of love whispers through the leaves of the trees. Reaching you filling your soul with love.

Light Angel

When things are heavy we will provide the lightness you need. When your back is sore allow us to take the load of your carry. We will provide the light you need until it is time when the light comes from you. The healer shines his light clearing and renewing.

Trust Angel

Finding trust is a treasure, one to hold on to. Trust finds you if you’re open enough to receive it. A great opportunity rests with you and how much you can trust. Finding trust in yourself enables you to trust others.

Gift Angel

A precious gift is given to you from the heart. Life is a gift a blessing thrive on the fact you are here. Positive change comes your way because you have allowed it. There is no better gift than the gift of love. Love shines its light.

Strength Angel

Streaming from above the white light energy of strength. Be calm and stay focused more power is found this way. All the courage and strength you need will come to you when needed. If you’re feeling weak, I will take the load until you’re strong enough.

Protection Angel

I am here for you I watch you every day, just to make sure you’re ok. If you slip or fall, I’ll place a pillow underneath you. In times of worry or despair think of me, I m here to listen. To listen to love to hold and to heal.

Author Of The Angel Oracle Cards

You can also own a set of 44 Nature’s Oracle cards by Ian Scott Author of this site and these free oracles. Nature’s oracle is Ian’s spiritual growth oracle, connected to the ogham. “It still gives me a surprise, even after all these years.

I’ve seen grown men cry after reading only one card. It definitely has a magic nack to read people through energy connection. ( The holding of the cards ) Nature’s Oracle was channelled over 13 years ago and I think people are still trying to catch up with it. Ahead of its time. To buy your very own Nature’s Oracle cards see Ian’s Etsy store. Much more information on the Oracle there

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