Libra Star Sign Meaning

Libra star sign meaning
Libra star sign meaning

Libra Star Sign Meaning

22nd September – 21st October
Glyph: Scales of Justice
Planet: Venus
Element: Air
Colour: Pastels
Motto: I Balance
Affirmation: I harmonize with the rhythm of another
Body: The Kidneys and Adrenal Glands
Stone: Angelite, rose quartz, malachite
Yoga: Balance poses
Sacred Animals: Raven and Butterfly
Rune Stone: Perth

Libra Sexuality

Libra star sign meaning sexuality. Romantic, giving, attentive, and perceptive.

Libra Mythology

Libra is Latin for “weighing scales”, making it the only constellation of the Zodiac that does not represent a living creature. In ancient Babylonia, Libra was known as “the Scales” and was held sacred to the sun god Shamash who was also the patron of truth and justice. In ancient Greece, Libra was seen as the claws of the Scorpion In both cases, Libra was associated with law, fairness, and civility.

In Roman mythology, Libra was depicted as the scales held by Astraea (Virgo), the goddess of justice. Romans considered it to be a favourable constellation because they believed that the Moon was in Libra when the city was founded. In ancient Chinese mythology, Libra was called Show Sing (the Star of Longevity) but was later renamed Tien Ching (the Celestial Balance).

Libra Star Sign Personality

The Peacemaker – initiating variety and diversity in relationships in order to become aware of others’ needs and realities. Listening to and truly understanding both sides of a situation, without allowing personal prejudice to cloud judgment. Testing all possible extremes in order to create social equality and balance.

Libra Shadow Self

Various forms of mental illness and personality disorders are possible. Psychosis and manic depression in particular… the person loses any sense of who they are as they try too hard to conform to others’ expectations.

Libra Constellation

Libra star sign meaning the Scales is the 29th largest constellation. It contains 3 stars with known planets. The habitable planets include those around the red dwarf star Gliese. These are “tidally locked” planets in the middle of the habitable zone. Weather studies show that tidally locked planets may have the ability to support life.

Libra Brightest Star

The brightest star in the constellation Libra is Zubenelschemali (the Northern Claw). It is a pale emerald star marking the Northern Scale of Libra. This is a most fortunate star and gives ambition and honour, good fortune, riches, and permanent happiness. © Crystal Gaze Astrology

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