Wazn Fixed Star Meaning

Wazn Fixed Star Meaning
Wazn Fixed Star Meaning

Spiritual esoteric and divination meaning according to the charts for the fixed stars. The fixed star Wazn (Weight) is situated on the back of the constellation Columba (Dove) at a distance of 87 light-years from Earth. The astrological spirit animal the dove resides over the star a symbol of love and peace.

Fixed Stars Wazn Astrology Meaning

Highlighting peace and ease of transition due to major changes in one’s life. Often found in the chart of a wanderer a searcher of truth. Holding compassion and empathy for all situations and circumstances the outcome is likely to be positive. A lucky charm of a star, bound to bring the moments of time into alignment and in your favour.

This giant orange star radiates gentle, kind and timid energy, seeking release in all that is innocent and self-sacrificing by nature. Although timid and kind, Wazn emanates great strength of spirit in those who are attuned to the vibrations. A spiritual warrior, is one who strives to send out only positive vibrations.

Justice prevails in the Stars moto following it to the end. It’s hard to stop the momentum of Wazn in someone who is seeking justice. Courts and police are indicated but essential to clear up things and strike innocents into the right people. A favourable outcome is sure to follow these circumstances.

At last, some happiness and joy can be celebrated, because this star brings good news.  A welcome relief after a trying time. An easing of hardships and sorrows. All with spiritual growth attached.

The is an air of mystery that surrounds Wazn’s fixed star, those of us who have her prominent in our astrology charts seem to have unexpected somewhat exotic adventures. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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