Karma What In The Universe Is It?

karma what in the universe is it
The universal law of karma

There are multiple examples of the universal law of karma. In traditional terms, Hinduism and Buddhism describe karma as such. Karma is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

What is Karma?

In everyday life, you’ll hear these popular sayings. Treat others, the way you would want to be treated. Crime doesn’t pay, if it did our jails would be empty. By doing the right thing, maybe someday the favour will be returned.

These sayings are ingrained in our minds and transcribed in our hearts. This means consciously or unconsciously we are all aware of the principles of karma. Such a thing only happens if there is truth to it.

Karma is a little more than black and white though. Think of it like this. We all have a karma slate, the old chalk and slate board. On this board are a tick and cross counter. Good deeds done selflessly for others and exuding love and refusing to hate all provide ticks on our karma slate.

And of course the opposite for cruel intentions and harm, they bring crosses on our karma slate. The method is simple the more ticks we have on our karma slate the luckier we become. The more happy and peaceful we become. And most of all, we are in the natural flow of the universe. Create, love, look after.

On the other hand, a slate full of crosses takes one out of the flow of the universe. Leading them to find the negative in life. Unfortunately the more you reside in the energy of negativity the worse you become. Eventually leading to all the bad things in life. Plus you will go crazy, your mind will settle in face of misfortune. The number 666 explains this perfectly.

Past Life Karma

Yes, it is most definitely possible to bring good or bad karma with us from a previous life. Most of the karma we deal with in our lives is a direct result of our previous lives. Clearing karma is a spiritual journey that many of us in this time of awakening, take.

How do we clear our karma slate? As above do all you can to redeem yourself with the universe. Clearing a cross can only be done by creating a tick. A tick will cancel out a cross. When your karma slate is clear. Time to start putting yourself in the green.

If and when you do, the change will be noticeable. The world around you, changes. The universe and all its abundance and love now works for you, and not against you. Being one with the universe and being one with God is exactly the same thing. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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