Sun Planet Meaning Astrology

sun planet meaning
Sun Metaphysical Properties

Sun, Light, truth, spiritual centre, god force, powerful energy, masculinity. A pivotal vital force in our lives. Sun Gods: Roman god Apollo. The sun symbolizes the personality and changes zodiac signs each month.

The Sun is the centre of our solar system and from an astrology perspective, the relationship with Sun is from Earth. Therefore when the Sun moves from one zodiac sign to the next, it’s not the Sun that is physically moving, but our viewpoint.

Sun Planet Meaning Astrology

The sun spends about a month in each sign and spends a year travelling through the 12 signs of the zodiac. It is masculine energy and rules Leo and the fifth house. The sun influences our basic self, our ego, our aspirations and our will. He is our spirit.

He represents our appearance and our stance in life or who we are. He is passionate, (if not dramatic), authoritarian, emotive and active. He wants to shine. He knows he is the centre of the universe and is courageous, generous, loyal and proud.

Zodiac Sun: He rules Leo and is exalted in Aries.
Medical Astrology Sun: This is associated with the heart, the spine and the middle back.
Crystals associated with the sun are ruby, amber and tiger’s eye.
Plants and flowers that align with the sun are peonies, sunflowers, poppies and marigolds.

The life force giving the planet the Sun provides vitality and affects the health of the body. The Sun in an astrology chart plays a prominent role. Enhances our intellect drives prosperity and success in worldly affairs. Auger’s personal wealth moral conduct and zest of ambition. The Sun determines our spiritual relationship with the self, holy temples and places of worship.

In an astrology house, the Sun’s location pinpoints where and how our personality is perceived by others. The house your sun sits in shapes who you are and your sense of place within the world. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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