How To Program Your Crystals

How to program your crystals
How to program your crystals

In 3 steps. How to program your crystals for activation for you personally to use as healing instruments. And de-program and cleanse crystals previously owned by others. The most important steps you can take when working with and owning nature’s healing tools.

What Is Programming A Crystal?

Programming a crystal simply means making it yours. To cleanse it of previous owners. Or the many hands and vibrations which the crystal may have passed through before it is yours. Crystals retain vibrations just as water does produce energy in a positive or negative way depending on who they have belonged to on their journey into your hands. Hence the need for cleansing and programming your crystals.

A crystal programmed negatively and harbouring toxic vibrations can bring negative energies to the new owner. Resulting in bad luck and unfortunate events where there were previously none. A quick psychometry scan will tell you from which vibrations the crystals come. It is important not to bring these crystals into your home until they have been cleaned.

After a crystal has been cleansed it is ready to be programmed to your personal vibrations. Resulting in the crystal knowing exactly what it is you need for the healing process to begin. Or what it is you need from the crystal to help you heal others. A bonding process that becomes the foundation of the spiritual connection between you and your crystal. The starting point of the power of crystal activation.

How To Cleanse And De-Program A Crystal

Whether you have brought your crystals new or have been given them, cleansing and de-programming is the very first thing you do. Preferably done outside in the garden before you place them in your home.

Instructions: In a bowl of pure water, not tap water place your crystals, and two small pinches of sea salt or Himalayan rock salt. And let sit overnight where it can receive the moonlight at night and the sun in the morning. During the next day take the bowl with the crystals into the direct sunlight, and allow the water to heat.

After a few hours take out your crystals and dry them off. Again placing them in the sun for the rest of the day, As night falls collect your crystals together and place them into the soil for another night. Use a small pot or directly into the garden.

They don’t have to be buried deep just enough so the crystal is entirely covered with soil. The next morning dig up your crystals wash them off with the same water used before and dry them again. Your crystals are now ready to enter your home, program and activate.

How To Program Your Crystals

After cleansing your crystals time to cleanse yourself. Water is the best aura cleanser to rid one of the negative vibrations we may pick up through others or negative circumstances. Please see this article for more precise information as it is too much to go over here. Aura Detoxification >

Whether your using your crystals for self-healing purposes or the healing of others the method is the same. After cleansing, clasp, the crystal with both hands and think about why you need the crystal and what you would like it to do. Pertaining to your healing needs of course.

Do this for several minutes while you relax. This is where your programming is done so it’s ultra-important you have only positive healing thoughts and not drift down a negative pathway of thought. Otherwise, you will have to start all over again.

While doing this have in the back of your mind you’re passed over family members who care about you and your spiritual guides. Thinking about them will bring them forward for you to further help in programming your crystals to give you exactly what you need. When finished find a home for your crystal a safe place where your crystal can recharge with the moonlight and sunlight.

How To Activate Your Crystals

How to turn on your crystal. There’s a ritual act we must perform to allow our crystals to activate their fullest potential. The ritual lies within its use. Before I mentioned finding a home for your crystal preferably away from others being able to touch it. Not only is this so the crystal has time to recharge it also signals to the crystal its work is done for now. Allowing the crystal to switch off and recharge just as we do when we sleep.

When approaching your crystal the next time and you wrap your hands around it, welcome it and feel its power. This is the crystal’s trigger after cleansing and recharging it recognizes your vibrations when you pick it up. From your programming previously. And goes into action knowing it is now time to go to work. Creating an on-and-off switch for your crystal.

Hints and tips: In step one cleansing your crystal, place white sage leaves in amongst your crystals when you bury them. To further the purification process. Especially useful if the crystal has been previously owned.

Placing your crystals in a dark corner or in a box or cloth will diminish their energy dramatically. Light a candle before each time you use your crystal for healing and blow it out when you have finished and the crystal is in its home again.  © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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