Sister Circle Meditation

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Spiritual Journey

This written guided meditation sister circle has been developed as a spiritual tool. To raise one’s spiritual consciousness and to further connect us to the divine within. Take yourself on a spiritual journey, time now to return to spirit.

Guided Meditation Sister Circle

Lay down stretch your fingers stretch your legs point your toes and relax. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Clear your mind and focus on the task at hand. Take a deep breath in through the nose hold for 4 seconds and exhale out of the mouth for 4 seconds. Repeat this three times.

Rest the eyes, allow them to relax. Take a deep breath and exhale to the count of one. Take a deep breath and exhale to the count of two. Continue this process until you reach 11. Every exhale is a count of one. During this process keep your focus on the exercise. As you count feel the air pass through your nostrils and gently caress your upper lip. The time now to relax and slip into trance meditation for the visualization of the Journey.

The mountain in the distance is where you shall speak to the sky gods and goddesses. I am willing and prepared to take this journey to the very edge of my connection with spirit. A small path that snakes its way up the mountain and through the forest leads the way. The ascension is great each step forward lifts you higher with peace and serenity that melts away any problems or concerns.

The zenith of the mountain is in sight you feel strong and empowered to continue. Within the silence of only your footsteps, you hear the song of an eagle passing by the sky above you. The sign has been read the eagle protects your journey and shares his compassion with you.

The peak abounds with fresh clean air. Breathe it in. Sacred ancient stones speak in silence to you. A log upon which you will sit appears and the eagle once again cries out his peace and protection. From this perspective look upon the landscape as a chance to see your life clearly for what it is right now. A vantage point for which you can see all the circumstances surrounding your relationships with family and friends and loved ones. Your current career your health and your spiritual development.

music 10 min or more

From this balanced position ask yourself what is the most forgiving thing you can do in your life right now. Is it to forgive yourself? or others? or maybe even an event or negative experience. Trust your immediate response and intuitive answer to this question. And ponder for a while do my actions bring people closer together.

The greatest gift anyone can give is the gift of honesty. Send it out to the sky gods yell your truth to the heavens. Honesty will come back to you be ready to listen. Moving forward and growing spiritually requires we let go of all emotional anchors. Where there is no honesty guilt and hatred are found.

Reach out with both arms and scream in silence your honesty tells the universe the things you could never speak. The time has come to make your way back down the mountain. What you have learned and acknowledged now needs to be put into action. The sky gods and goddesses hear your call and send a guiding hand into your life. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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