Amethyst Healing Properties

amethyst crystal meaning
Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

Amethyst Powers

Amethyst crystal meaning is connected to the third eye-raising intuition and mental energy, known to clarify one’s thoughts. Amethyst crystal inspires the mind and amplifies the meditation experience. Helping one realign with the divine energy of the universe, amethyst plays an important role in connecting us with the metaphysical world.

Amethyst stone broadens your creativity and inspiration soothing the tired soul. A powerful and protective stone used to combat psychic attacks. Guards against a third party and interference within a relationship. Wear amethyst around the neck to ward off boyfriend stealers.

A metaphysical property of Amethyst is to help one astral travel. Acting as an aid to reach the astral world while asleep. Also provides protection for both the astral light body and the physical body, which remains back in the bed. Amethyst activates the crown chakra bringing clarity of thought and peace of mind.

The divine violet flame within the crystal is a sign of twin flames or soul mates. Reconnecting us with a soul mission. Our purpose while we are here on earth. Activating our memory of past lives we have lived. Allowing us to bring back the learned skills of those lives.

Astrology: Aquarius and Pisces
Chakra: Third eye and Crown
Element: Earth and Water

Amethyst Health Benefits

Amethyst crystal assists in calming the mind, reducing insomnia, and promotes restful sleep, reduces stress, eases headaches, helps with hormone production, strengthens the immune system, cleansing the internal organs and respiratory system.

Having a piece of amethyst crystal by your bedside or under your pillow aids in the process of sleep and minimizes disturbances to a long night’s sleep. Melts away disharmony and grief. Good for relieving headaches and depression. Amethyst crystal invigorates hormone production, tuning the endocrine system and metabolism.

A very effective crystal for healing all living things, plants, animals and humans. Cats and dogs especially benefit from amethyst placed under their bedding. It has a calming relaxing effect soothing those bad puppy dreams.

Amethyst Crystal Spiritual Meaning

Amethyst Quartz enhances spiritual prayer, out of the body experiences, and is a powerful healing stone for physical ailments. Mentally Amethyst helps us work with stressful situations by soothing and calming the minds overactive energy.

Amethyst crystal emits positive energy naturally. Allowing one to transform and grow spiritually.   Relieving anxiety and allowing direct contact with our inner selves. Amethyst crystal has been used as a talisman against witchcraft spells and curses. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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