Candle Colour Meanings

Candle Colour Meanings
Candle Colour Meanings

Candle Colour Meanings for use in metaphysical magick spiritual divination and Wiccan spell casting. Candle magic is an ancient art encompassing the elemental power of transformation to bring forth change.

With manifestation, intentions are carried out to the universe through the element of fire. Through sympathetic magic, candles are used to send distant healing to others. Bring life to prayer, communicate with spirit and invite energy into meditations.

Candle Magic Spell Casting Tips

Tip: Complete and total focus is required to spell cast through a candle’s flame. Don’t let the mind wander during your spell casting.

Tip: After your spell has been cast put out the flame with water. It is not until this moment the intention is released through the flame. Use the water element to enhance your spell.

Tip: Runestone and Ogham markings carved into candles reassure its intentions and make for a stronger spell.

Candle Magic Colour Meanings

White Candle Meaning 
The white candle is used for purification purposes such as aura cleansing or spiritual healing. Has the ability to bring about truth and wisdom. A white candle may be used as another colour candle by placing the appropriate colour in the form of a ribbon tied halfway around the candle.

Black Candle Meaning
Protection, psychic self-defence, exorcising mischievous spirits in people or houses and clearing a space of negative energy. A black candle is also useful to aid in the release of pent-up negative and self-destructive energy from one’s being.

Red Candle Meaning
Passion, lust, romance and love. The red candle encompasses true passionate energy leaning towards obsession. Red reveals our sexual desires, wants and needs. Used to bring in love for the self or another. And to arouse the serpent of sexual energy.

Blue Candle Meaning
The blue candle promotes peace, spiritual love and connectedness. With an influence toward loyalty and respect. Brings happiness and joy, laughter and contentment. Used for spiritual growth and metaphysical healing.

Yellow Candle Meaning
Enhances psychic energy building natural intuition. Brings about a light happy feeling strong enough to relieve grief and despair. It is, for this reason, the yellow candle is an emotional healer. Used to heal the self and others on a spiritual level. Promoting personal growth.

Green Candle Meaning
Magically known as the money colour candle. Because it conjures growth in all areas. Bringing about earthly well-being of wealth and prosperity. The green candle is used for fertility spells along with rosemary to bring about a healthy baby.

Orange Candle Meaning
Bold, strong, trustfully worthy and ambitious. Connected to warrior essence orange stimulates our courage centres and provides confidence. Used to bring about luck and success in all matters of circumstances.

Gold Candle Meaning
The great sun god of strength and power. Dynamic energy provides wealth, wisdom and the manifestation of abundance. The gold candle may be used to enhance one’s aura with spiritual energy. Raising psychic power and pushing intuition toward the front of one’s thoughts.

Silver Candle Meaning
The silver candle represents the triple goddess and all phases of the moon. Used to bring about the recollection of dreams and astral travel. The silver candle may also act as a psychic mirror deflecting a psychic attack and benevolent thoughts from others. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott 

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