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White Sage Benefits

White Sage cleansing herb a natural cleanser purifier and sacred as they come, this beautiful aroma filled plant oozes spirituality and calm. When close by these magnificent wonders of nature a soothing almost meditative energy creeps over you. Journey into the world of nature spirits and natural magic, enter sacred sage.

White Sage is a perennial Mediterranean plant, Salvia Apiana, consisting of grey-green leaves and purple, blue, or white flowers from the Lamiaceae (labiates) family. Also derived from Latin salvia, meaning good health, and is attributed to the healing properties of the white sage plant.

White Sage Symbolism

The white Sage plant was also sacred to the Greeks and Romans, and is also said to be a symbol of the Virgin Mary, and has been used for hundreds of years for healing and ceremonial purposes in many cultures throughout the world. During the Middle Ages, white sage was used to treat fevers, liver disease, and epilepsy.

Magic And A Sacred Space

Gender: Masculine
Element: Air
Planetary Association: Jupiter
Element: Earth

The Dutch in the 17th century traded White Sage for tea with the Chinese. The Welsh have a book of herbal medicine called the ‘Physicians of the Myddfai’ which contains the healing techniques passed down by a particular family of doctors that served in the Myddfai area of Wales as far back as the Middle Ages.

Native Americans popularised the tradition of using White Sage to protect against evil spirits and dispel negative energies as it is believed that White Sage also has a Spirit, providing cleansing, protection, and blessings.

White Sage And The Art Of Smudging

The magical art of clearing and purifying is the practice of smudging with white sage, smudge in the morning before meditation. Smudge with white sage after a stressful day to release tension within the body smudge and connect with the earth and her natural healing powers.

White Sage is also sacred in many Shamanic belief systems and is used in smudging, and other ceremonies to purify the body and surroundings. Ancient Celtic Druids used white sage as a sacred herb for burning (together with Oak Moss) for its medicinal purposes.

White Sage Smudging is the ancient art of cleansing or purifying a room, person, object, or space using sacred herbs. It is said that burning white sage releases negative ions – negatively charged ions are most prevalent in natural places, particularly around moving water or after a thunderstorm. White Sage Smudging is therefore used in arid environments of lower energies, frequencies, and vibrations while restoring balance to our aura and chakras.

What Is A Sage?

A Sage is a profoundly wise or prudent person, and is derived from Latin sapere to be sensible and was originally applied to the Seven Sages: Thales, Solon, Periander, Cleobulus, Chilon, Bias, and Pittacus. A Sage is someone known for their wisdom, judgment, and experience.

A Sage, therefore, is revered as a wise one, sharing a higher knowledge of the gods. The white sage plant has these qualities it is sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective, revered for its healing properties and spiritual connection with all of the existence.

Smoking White Sage Herb

White sage is a smokable herb, the dried leaves are smoked to alleviate arthritis create a pleasant mood, and raise the capacity for memory. Smoking white sage relieves anxiety calms the mind relaxes the body and has a euphoric effect.

Often used in herbal smoking mixtures with damiana and mullein. Research has found white sage stimulates mental function lessening depression and heightening the positive mood. Smoking white sage on its own is a little strong on the throat, but there are claims white sage clears the throat and lungs and helps with clearing congestion.

White sage tea has all the benefits of smoking the herb without coughing. White sage contains antibiotic and anti-allergenic properties which speed up healing and prevent the illness from returning. White sage is medicinal protection it contains eucalyptol, or cineole, which kills bacteria and infection.

White sage can be eaten smoked and used in cooking, but like anything an overdose can occur please exercise common sense when using white sage in this way. White Sage Plant Symbolism in the Middle Ages used it to disguise the taste of rancid meat, as it contains a natural antiseptic and has preservative qualities. © psychic medium Ian Scott 

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