Selenite Crystal Meaning

selenite crystal meaning

Selenite Crystal Meaning

Selenite crystal meaning often called the angel stone. Due to its ability to help one connect with our passed-over loved ones and our spiritual guides and guardian angels. Offering amplification of psychic energy enables the common person to tune into the angelic presence in their life.

Selenite crystal vibrations are that of peace and tranquillity with an underlying sense of strength and power. The power is equal to no other crystal in the opening of the third eye and pushing forth higher consciousness and accelerated learning. Using selenite with your meditations will enhance your connection with spirit and envelope you in a warm loving embrace.

Selenite crystal meaning perfect for studying or anything involved in working the brain as it brings mental clarity. Easing the mind fog and removing negative tiresome energy. Placed on the work desk or computer area it will heighten your ability to concentrate with a relaxed mind. Creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Selenite Healing Properties

What is selenite crystal used for? The spiritual benefits of selenite crystal. Top of the list selenite crystal is a healing stone. It has a unique ability to stabilize and calm heightened emotional states. Relieving one of stress and anxiety. Especially useful for trauma victims or those suffering from the acute emotional pain of loss.

Selenite directly connects to our spinal column from the base chakra to the crown chakra. Activating kundalini and awakening the body to the soul. Healing and soothing back pain eye strain stomach upsets and vertigo. Selenite clears the mind opens the chakras brings peace and calms the soul. So you can effectively start the magnificent and amazing self-healing process.

Magical Properties Of Selenite

The metaphysical uses of Selenite. The Zodiac sign associated with selenite is Taurus the bull. Selenite crystal activates the crown and the third eye chakra. The sacred tree associated with selenite is the yew tree.

The animal spirit dolphin resonates at the same vibration connecting the two together, Selenite crystal is used by those in the craft as a channelling stone a shamans tool to contact otherworldly spirits.

Selenite crystal meaning. Selenite makes a powerful shield. Selenite repels negative energy and expels mischievous ghosts cleansing the room in which it is placed. Selenite acts as a mirror to ghosts and spirits’ own wrongdoing. Showing them, themselves and a way to move on spiritually. A peaceful and spiritual way to help and cleanse us, objects, and places from malevolent spirits and or misunderstood ghosts.

How To Cleanse Selenite

How do I cleanse my selenite crystal? Selenite is delicate and will crack if dropped. Treating selenite with care is given. Over the years I used to take all my crystals to the beach for cleansing. Placing them in the moonlight overnight.

And the sun during the day for charging and activating purposes. This is perfectly acceptable and common practice. But if you do this with selenite it will deteriorate in front of you.

Selenite prefers less movement and does not like the sand or the water against its precious outer layer. So I thought I’d bring the beach to the crystal. Applying a light coat of magnesium oil with a gentle rub, polishes and protects the stone.

Plus it purifies charges cleanses and revitalizes the crystal, in fact, all crystals will benefit from magnesium oil rub. Placing the crystal in moonlight and sun after the rub just as you normally would. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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