5 Health Benefits Of Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation Benefits
Morning Meditation Benefits

Meditation is an amazing tool for relaxation, soothing and healing the body and calming the mind, easing anxiety and stress. Meditation has many health benefits including; helping to regulate mood and anxiety disorders reducing symptoms of panic disorder and depression, improving information processing, and helps decision-making and emotional intelligence just to mention a few.

Meditation trains the mind and body to listen to our soul, allowing spiritual growth and understanding developing compassion and love. Morning meditations do all that and more, here is a list of the five main health benefits of meditating early in the morning.

1. Meditation Is At Its Most Powerful First Thing In The Morning

Directly after waking in the morning, we are already relaxed from sleep. Have a clear mind through dream filtering and feel fresh with less stress, allowing a focused meditation. Often we are guided spiritually in our sleep by our spirit guides without our conscious knowledge, meditation helps us remember these spiritual awakening times clearly.

2. Morning Meditation Builds Creativity

The first few waking moments are precious time. Our minds are clear and we sit in-between waking and sleeping, our dreams are brought into the memory at this point bringing visions. Meditation at these precious moments, immediately upon first waking, builds vivid pictures for which we can allow our imagination to run wild. Creating lucid dreams in these moments and drifting back off to sleep to experience them.

3. Morning Meditation For Health and Well-being

Meditation Music with vibrational sounds is designed to raise our physical, spiritual, and emotional energy first thing in the morning. Playing this as an alarm for the morning provides a soothing and subtle waking with the tempo slightly rising, whilst beats slowly transform. This makes the perfect eye-opener.

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Upon waking, be mindful, talk to yourself positively, and start your day with powerful affirmations beginning with health. “I feel happy and healthy today, food is medicine and I will heal and strengthen myself today”. The morning gives us an opportunity to start fresh, a new day filled with whatever thoughts we have. Mindfulness during meditation is important.

If we find ourselves drifting off into negative chatter, being mindful reminds us to think healthily. Think healthy, be healthy. Talking to ourselves positively first thing in the morning provides the greatest impact on our subconscious, for our mind is willing and able through being relaxed after sleep.

4. Morning Meditation For Confidence And Focus

A morning meditation provides the opportunity to set up our wonderful day through positive reinforcement. See yourself having a smooth day working with pleasurable people, and reassure yourself that you’re ready for abundance and success in your life. See yourself living out your challenges of the day and succeeding with ease. Mindfulness meditation >

5. Morning Is The Most Peaceful Time For Meditation

Sunrise is a quiet time, the world hasn’t started to move with its hustle and bustle and the birds are waking. In this peaceful quiet time, meditation becomes easier. The Earth comes alive after sleep too, the sun signals the waking life force energy to activate. This precious time has an abundance of spiritual and healing energy that we can tap into during these hours. © Psychic medium Ian Scott

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