How To Do Psychometry

Psychometry How To
Psychometry How To

What Is Psychometry Or Post-cognition

Psychometry belongs to the category of extrasensory perception or ESP. Psychometry is also known as post-cognition or object reading, it is the art of sensing vibrations left behind by the owner of an object or by significant emotional events to which the object has been a witness.

The word psychometry comes from the Greek language, meaning spirit or soul measurement.  Post-cognition means the reading of a past event, person, or object. Opposite to precognition, where events of the future are revealed to the seer. Psychometry is a tool just like tarot cards or tea leaf reading, a gateway to tune the intuition to a particular focus point. This was for psychometry in the past.

Psychometry a spiritual gift is a natural ability we all possess, have you ever walked into a building and felt unsettled just waiting for the first chance to leave? Have you borrowed someone else’s jacket and felt the personal energy who previously wore it? These small insights into sensing vibrations of places, objects, and people are the start of developing psychometry.

Our sense of touch, if trained is extremely acute we are able to clearly see into the past and the present of a person or object. It is the sense of touch which activates the pineal gland or third eye exciting it into the opening and focusing on the required task producing visions. A psychic medium may use an object belonging to the enquirer to start the tuning-in process and trance required to reach the spirit world.

The use of psychometry allows us to see past events as if we were actually there. The seer senses the emotional feelings, sights, and sounds the wearer of the object experienced. It works well if it is a personal object worn by the person frequently, and not so well when it has been worn by many. The same applies to an object which has been witness to a particular event if the object has seen many events in its time, it makes it difficult to focus on just one.

Psychometry may be used to track a loved one who has gone missing, by holding an object which belonged to the missing person and sensing or seeing their location. Psychometry is used by psychic detectives to ensure intuition on the case.

How To Do Psychometry

1. Balance and centre the self, sit with back straight and eyes closed, take a deep breath in through the nose and exhale through the mouth, repeat three times. Visualize a cool refreshing breeze flowing through your body from the base chakra { base of spine } and exiting through the crown chakra { top of head }.

2. Open the third eye, with eyes, closed imagine a pinhole in the middle of your forehead above the brow. Visualize this hole expanding to the size of a small coin, over several minutes. The feeling of the third eye-opening may feel uncomfortable for those not accustomed to it.

3. Choose an object, the best way to practice psychometry is with a friend, ask them to collect an object from one of their friends that you do not know. Do this exercise together to receive direct feedback on what you are seeing or feeling.

4. Clear your mind, if you are thinking, “What am I having for dinner tonight” or “Are the kids ok”, you won’t feel or receive anything. The mind must be of no thought before you pick up the object and while you are holding the object. This ensures that what comes to mind is from the object and not yourself.

5. Hold the object, It is important not to focus on the physical object as such, but rather on the feeling of the object in your hand.

6. Repeat to your friend out loud the very first things that come to mind, your first thoughts once you have a hold of the object.

7. When the thoughts erode, close your eyes take a deep breath, and concentrate on the location of your third eye for ten seconds or so. Now take your focus back to the feeling of the object when and if a vision appears try not to interrupt it by being excited.

Psychometry of all the psychic development modalities has by far the biggest impact on the beginner. Psychometry may lead us to all the other paths, it is a great foundation upon which to build your psychic power and natural magic.

It may take many attempts to grasp the full power of psychometry so don’t be disheartened if you fail to see or feel anything the first few times. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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