Crystal Healing Water D.I.Y

Crystal Healing Water D.I.Y
Crystal Healing Water D.I.Y

Learn To Make Crystal Healing Water

A powerful ritualistic method to either heal the body or just uplift the soul, using crystal energy healing water to reach the insides. Taking the time to create your very own crystal healing water is not only satisfying but you know what kind of intent has gone into it.

With your thoughts and feelings focused on healing yourself. This method becomes even stronger, infusing not only the water with healing but also will. The will and determination to heal and feel better. Crystals have unique healing energies depending upon their properties. When choosing a crystal to make your healing-infused water, a few come to mind that suit this purpose.

Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst. The water vibrates to its surrounding energy, changing the molecular structure to that which is close to it. If you’re angry or upset don’t pour anyone a drink, will you?

Crystal healing energy-infused water

Crystal Water Healing Tools Needed

1. A glass of water or a bottle.

2. Use pure clean water.

3. Wash the crystal you’re using with saltwater before you begin.

4. Freezer and ice.

5. Healing thoughts and peace of mind.

D.I.Y Crystal Healing Method

1 Place a glass of lukewarm water ( or bottle ) with your crystal in it, on a window sill in your house, which receives sunlight for at least a couple of hours during the day.

2 Just before the sun sets, and as the light of the moon peaks in through the cracks of the curtains. Place your water in the full moonlight, on one of the windows in your house where it will receive the most light.

3 The following morning for your first drink of the day, take the water with crystal from the window sill and place it in the freezer. After five minutes or so remove it from the freezer and place a few ice cubes on top.

4 Before you drink thank spirit and nature for the water, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Concentrate on the powers of the crystal now infused into the water you’re about to drink.

5 Drink slowly in mouthfuls, the time thinking of the energies of the crystals now going into the belly. After about 20 mins an awareness of spiritual energy and an uplifting feeling surges through the body. Gaining the healing powers of the crystal directly.

In Conclusion

Proven many times is the fact that positive words, a positive belief system, and pleasant sounds change the shape of water crystals. Let’s imagine now how we can boost our health and vitality through one of the most amazing substances on earth our saviour water.

Amazing and simple, by drinking crystal-programmed water, our bodies can make positive high vibrations. Recharge yourself with crystal-infused healing frequencies. Half the magic is the ritual, preparing the mind. With a mind powered by want and will the body responds. Making the charging of the water personal and unique to you. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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