Name Number Numerology Meaning

Name number numerology reading
Name number numerology reading

Name Number Meanings And Vibrations

There are two aspects to your numerology name number, your full name and the name people call you on a regular basis. Your full name including your middle name reveals your vibration on a personal spiritual level.

The name you are called by others holds a different vibration, one of how people see you and interact with you. For example, your name is Rodney and your friends, family and the general public call your Rod, therefore the vibration of the name Rod only is calculated.

Everything has an opposite yin and yang, salt and pepper, stop and go and so on. If you’re a positive person you will display the positive aspects of your name number. If you’re a negative person you will display the negative aspects of your name number. I choose to interpret only the positive aspects of each name number. If you find you are the exact opposite (yin yang) of your name number meaning, you will also find your negativity.

Name Number Code Formula

Each letter of the English alphabet has a corresponding number as shown below. All numbers are added together and reduced to a single number. You will need to read two number meanings one for your full name and one for the name people call you.

numerology number code
Number Decoder ( Pythagoras Theorem )

Name Number Example

Mary Jay Smith

Mary = 4+1+9+7 = 21
Jay = 1+1+7 = 9
Smith = 1+4+9+2+8 = 24

Total 54 reduced 5+4 = 9

Full name number for Mary Jay Smith 9

Single name number for Mary = 4+1+9+7 = 21
Total 21 reduced = 2+1 = 3

Name Number Meaning

name number one

Full name number one meaning.

Looking ahead with optimism and hope are traits, of the number one. Strong personality with a smile for competition. Succeeding in whatever project is undertaken is a must for number one.

It’s full steam ahead tackling obstacles and creating new pathways. Lonely time for name number one is important as reflection is needed to obtain the best from oneself. The personality of number one, they strive to win integrity with attitude. Make loyal friends with those they trust. Self-reliant and like to stay in control of them.

Single name number one meaning.

Alert, willing and attentive. someone holding a certain amount of trust with others. A strength to pull others to their cause, seen as influential. Intelligence and authority are wafting notes in the background as you speak to number one.

name number twoFull name number two meaning.

An intuitive nature is aroused by curiosity seeking the truth in all matters. Romance and soul mates are strong influencing factors with the number two, focusing a large part of their life on finding just that.

An exciting personality with adventurous spontaneity, pursuing the magic in life. Fun and close friendships are important for name number two, finding themselves through others is the spiritual meaning behind number two.

Single name number two meaning.

A persona of social delight is seen as happy bright and warm to be around always knowing a friend of a friend of a friend. A gatherer of like-minded people when the name number two finds their passion in life others join in for the ride. Naturally manifesting success through compassion and inspiration.

name number meaning threeFull name number three meaning.

Optimistic souls encourage positivity in themselves as well as others. Creative juices flow when the number threes are in tune. A combination of psychic ability and the understanding of others makes the name number three the great communicator.

Threes love the stage, performing and creating and given the opportunity they will shine, as natural communicators of emotions. The team environment is where the three excel, joining the dots in complex problem-solving. A social creature caring for others as they do for themselves.

Single name number three meaning.

There’s a party in the eyes of the name number three, a glint of imagination and sparkle of joy, inviting others into energy easily. A powerful person with morals and conviction, is seen as strong and capable.

number name meaning fourFull name number four meaning

Keeping a balance of work and fun is paramount for name number four, always putting things on the scale for sorting. Staying on top of everything is a trait of the number four, driving themselves to hard honest work to achieve this.

Practicality is the essence behind the name number four. Finding the energy for a project or job for the four requires a spiritual meaning one that will act as a driving force for them. Family and friends play a large role in their social standing.

Single name number four meaning.

Friendly, kind and thinking of others’ feelings are the virtues of the name number four and how they are seen by others. A hint of compassion is the energy that drifts through the aura of a number four making a good listener.

name number meaning fiveFull name number five meaning.

The energetic name number five wrestles with either an abundance of energy keeping them awake or a lack of energy. The vibration of the name number five is one of sharp wit and determination that excels once one makes a decision to do something.

There is a certain magical attraction with the number five, magnetic energy which draws people and opportunities to them. The name number five suggests a flair for words and a gift of the gab.

Single name number five meaning.

Mostly a warm reception when you approach a number five, although you know if they don’t like you, it’s a little cold. Seen as someone who speak their truth and stands by their word. A trusting vibration is emitted through the number five vibration.

name number meaningFull name number six meaning

Immediately when you meet a name number six you will notice the joy in their eyes and compassion in their bones. The name number six has a protective nature for anyone in trouble with a willingness to help if they can.

The number six has a stable personality with its own special wisdom about them. A straight-talking but sensitive individual who strives to be a better person, this energy is ingrained in the name number six.

Single name number six meaning.

Seen as a compassionate person who is approachable and willing to hold conversations with strangers. Others see them as strong souls with plenty of love for family and friends, a go-to person to see when you need a little guidance.

name number seven meaningFull name number seven meaning.

A little mysterious is the name number seven holding a spiritual value about themselves and how they view the world around them. Extremely intuitive often possessing clairvoyant and telepathic vibrations.

The mind of a name number seven is sharp with a keen sense of observation leading them to understand human behaviour. A thirst for knowledge weaves its way through the number of sevens’ vibration leading them to high positions in society.

Single name number seven meaning.

A sense of peace is how a seven is seen, a gravitational pull of love surrounds them. Others see you as an intelligent person in many ways with an understanding of other problems. Always interesting to talk to, and good vibrations are found when hanging out with a name number seven.

name number eight meaningFull name number eight meaning.

The great name number eight is powered with ambition and geared for success. Self-driven with realistic goals and an act of courage to fulfil their chosen destiny. A business-orientated mind is found in the name number eight.

Like a snake hypnotising its observer, the name number eight dances the infinite web of life with ease. A knowing of thyself is connected to the number eight, spiritual lessons are found here.

Single name number eight meaning.

A calm and centred vibration is found in the name number eight. Strong powerful personality and yet still approachable. Seen as an authoritative person containing down-to-earth information and knowledge.

name number meaning nineFull name number nine meaning.

The name number nine holds the vibration of empathy, trust and love found in caring for the earth and its inhabitants. Superior knowledge of spiritual law is hidden deep within the number nine, finding and empowering this energy is the number nines mission.

Sensual and generous is the name number nine with mindfulness of others being their loving trait. An inspiring individual with aspirations of changing the world around them for the better.

Single name number nine meaning.

Others see the name number nine as a worthy friendly but powerful person holding their own mystical knowledge of how life works. An old soul bursting with practical wisdom. Someone you seek for advice on all sorts of matters.


Living up to the vibrations of your name number is a spiritual journey in itself. © by psychic medium Ian Scott. Further reading, do your own numerology and spiritual meaning of the numbers. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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