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555 Spiritual Meaning

Do you keep seeing the numbers triple five? 555 Spiritual Meaning
signs, symbols and metaphysical influences it has on us.

555 spiritual meaning
What does it mean when you see 555

555 Spiritual Meaning

555 the middle of the circle, looking to the left or right the number five, sees all the other numbers. The centre, intrinsically balanced in harmony among the other number elements. The place in which you hold the most ground your physical centre. If you allow someone or something to invade your centre you will fall.

The 555 energy is like a spinning top, it has a limited amount of time to remain in balance. Meaning if momentum stops the centre is lost, and the spinning top falls. The message 555 gives is to keep moving, keep finding ways to overcome obstacles. Always look for all options and angles. See things from all views and make concise decisions based upon your research.

555 signifies the time when you need to ask yourself? Have I built my foundations correctly? and is my true reason for doing something justified by the good of light. 555 guards the light, the power of compassion and knowledge of all other numbers and cosmic influences.

Aligning the seven chakras or awakening the serpent (Kundalini) may only be done if one’s centre is firmly in the middle. To be able to view things from all perspectives and directions. It is the mark of a leader. Repeatedly seeing 555 is a calling to the higher self to take command of your own life.

What Does Mean When You See 555

Constantly seeing the numbers 5:55? either on television, on the radio, door numbers, and checking the time at 5:55. Even waking at 5:55 am. This is a sign you are in the middle of a major shift in your life. An internal one, a spiritual growth spurt. Where you must decide, are you acting with your best intentions for all around you?

Often these 555 metaphysical symbols and signal appear to those who are ready to take the next step. The next self-sacrifice, to gain knowledge and wisdom. Family and friends usually take the forefront in these types of spiritual lessons. The idea is to find a middle ground from which all can work with. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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