Number Meanings Numerology

numerology number meanings
Number Meanings Numerology

Numerology Number Meanings

The numerology and spiritual meanings behind the numbers. Numbers, words, months, days, and dates all have importance to us, we use them every day. Therefore behold the creation of energy, energy made a part of the matrix of the universe simply by us utilizing them on such a regular basis for many generations.

Each number holds its own unique vibration and when these vibrations are connected to us, such as our name, the address we live at, car number plate, birth date, etc, they become a part of us. Our energy makeup, our character, and our passions are all found in numbers.

Ruled by the Sun
Tarot – Aces – The Magician
Astrology – Aries
Element – Fire

Number One Spiritual Meaning

Success but not without hard work, achievement on all levels, a direct route or path, personal power, spirit, and determination. A strong dominant nature with soft undertones. The personality of a number one, is they strive to win attitude with integrity. Make loyal friends with those they trust. Competitive and like to stay in control of the self.


Ruled by the Moon
Tarot – High Priestess
Astrology – Taurus
Element – Water

Number Two Spiritual Meaning

Harmony and its opposite, Intuition, telepathy, partnerships business or otherwise, yin and yang, devotion and spirituality. Marriage, communication, charm and adaptability, twins, passive. Yes No.

The personality of number two is the sociable creature with a tendency to be co-dependent, unselfish but cautious, pays attention to detail but is also flexible and adaptable. A little pessimistic and emotional character. Great fun friends and are infectious to be around.


Ruled by Mars
Tarot – The Empress
Astrology – Gemini
Element – Air

Number Three Spiritual Meaning

Positive, magical, and talented, imagination, pleasure and passion, self-expression, successful. The past, present, future, psychic development, energy and abundance, adventure and freedom, charm, artistic.

The personality of a number three, open-minded and youthful, optimistic, inspired, enthusiastic with a good sense of humour, a little moody but sociable, communicative and enjoys making new friends, brave with a sense of wanting to protect.


Ruled by Mercury
Tarot – The Emperor
Astrology – Cancer
Element – Earth

Number Four Spiritual Meaning

Endurance, grounded, four directions, four elements, powerful energy of the square, nature, solid foundations, progress. justice, wisdom, honesty, trust, and dignity, high morals.

The personality of a number four, strong-willed sense of tradition and dependable with a loyal nature. Patient and organized and has a system and order for things. Hard-working constructive and make good teachers in their chosen profession, stubborn, and practical.


Ruled by Jupiter
Tarot – The Hierophant
Astrology – Taurus – Leo
Element – Air

Number Five Spiritual Meaning

Adventure, motion, radical change, unpredictability, travel, mind, body, spirit, active, freedom, wildness, journey, courage, flair, actor. vitality, healing, invention,  choice, boldness, and spiritual growth.

The personality of a number five they are natural storytellers, resourceful and thinks outside the square, clever and witty, spontaneous, magnetic attraction, motivational although sometimes lacking motivation in themselves, and flamboyant.


Ruled by Venus
Tarot – The Lovers
Astrology – Virgo / Gemini
Element – Air

Number Six Spiritual Meaning

Harmony, love, spiritual and mental balance, enlightenment, diplomacy, faith, peace, self-sacrifice, protection, home, and family. solutions, reliability, empathy, material, firmness with care. Medicinal care through herbs.

The personality of a number six, humanitarian, activist, finance, make good parents strive for unconditional love, family orientated, charitable, honest, idealistic, sometimes lacks self-confidence, self-stress, responsible, need to be in touch with their emotions, peacemaker, vain.


Ruled by Saturn
Tarot – The Chariot
Astrology – Libra
Element – Water

Number Seven Spiritual Meaning

Clairvoyance, magical forces, awareness, spiritual path, godly, esoteric, scholar, conscious, science, philosophy, knowledge, ritual. good fortune, logic, secrets, peace, angelic, collective consciousness.

The personality of a number seven, a natural healer and parent, strong intuition, thoughtful, caring and compassionate, eccentric with an inner knowing of purpose, sensitive toward others’ feelings, on a spiritual path, to understand and learn from their emotional makeup, proud individuals, need for alone time, impatient.


Ruled by Uranus
Tarot – Strength
Astrology – Leo / Scorpio
Element – Earth

Number Eight Spiritual Meaning

Opportunity knocks, the divine cycle of life, success, repetition, wealth, manifestation, fact, ego, karma, challenges, skill, and strength. authority, insight, greed, transformation, abundance.

The personality of a number eight, business-minded self-superiority, realistic and straight talker, patient, pragmatic, concerned for money and material freedom, confident, self-reliant, practical, self-driven with the energy to change the world given the chance, and capable.


Ruled by Neptune
Tarot – The Hermit
Astrology – Virgo / Sagittarius
Element – All elements

Number Nine Spiritual Meaning

Accomplishment, reward, influence, inventive, positive, psychicmediumship, universal connection to spirit, romance, humility, vision. sympathy, understanding, inner wisdom, world view, Zenith, spiritual law.

The personality of a nine, born light-worker, artistic, holds a higher perspective than most, seer, an old soul, leads by example with charisma, romantic, sensual, generous, mindful, genius, influential people, optimistic with a strong sense of sympathy and compassion, otherworldly, self-pity.

Significant Unique Numbers

When doing your own numerology, certain numbers hold a significance of their own. When reducing to a single number pay attention to these numbers if they appear to stop reducing and read their meaning.

Master Number Meanings

Eleven 11 Spiritual Meaning

Creative power expresses the dynamic balance of the self. Master number. Higher spiritual expression of number two. Read more on the numerology meaning of the number 11 >

Twenty-Two 22 Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual recognition of the self. A higher level of vibration than the number four. Unity, trust, and enlightenment. A Master number. Read more on number 22 >

Thirty-Three 33 Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual teacher. The double Trinity. Master number. Divine intervention. The Tree Of Life. Access to the mysteries.

Karmic Number Meanings

The numbers 13 / 14 / 16 / 19 – are the difficult vibrations. One would say a karmic set of numbers, although not always negative. Sometimes influencing in positive ways, depending on the lessons needed to be learned.

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