Shamanic Journey Meditation

Meditation Shamanic Journey
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Written guided meditation shamanic journey is a visualization and deep meditation. To help one connect with ancient earth magic and our inner shaman. Let the body sleep.

Take a spiritual journey through the mazes of the mind, let go and become only your soul. Here through the guidance of your spiritual animals may you find your inner healer your wisdom your journey your purpose and your will to shine a light on the shaman within.

Find a safe quiet place where you will not be disturbed. This may be your own comfortable bed inside your own room with the door shut. Or it may be in the forest nestled up against an old oak tree with a blanket and cushion. Meditation’s shamanic journey relies on you to fall asleep therefore this meditation is best practised at night. When you’re ready for sleep.

Shamanic Journey Meditation

Read the visualization a few times, imagine it in colour close your eyes, and play the story over in your mind, picturing it in full detail. Once you have done this lie-down, close your eyes and breathe in the visualization.

Breathe in through your nose deeply as you do so, imagine you’re standing in the middle of an old enchanted forest. With only soil under your feet. Feel it between your toes rich deep dark volcanic soil. Exhale through the mouth.

Breathe in through the nose, and imagine your legs slowly turning into tree roots. Firmly planting themselves in the ground beneath you. Soon after your arms become branches and your fingers become leaves. This new perspective allows you to see over the forest canopy in the distance. Exhale through the mouth.

While gazing upon the treetops a small colourful bird lands on your leaves. Instantly you feel yourself merging into the bird. As if you were water flowing into a new container. With a flutter and leap you fly into the brilliant blue sky,

The sunsets on the horizon and the water from the river below shines a magnificent reflection. Landing gently on the branch of a tree overhanging the river you find the perfect place to settle in for the night. Within the sounds of the deep forest, you hear footsteps approaching. A gust of wind comes from nowhere and you’ve shaken off the tree.

Only to land with your soul turning to water and becoming one with the big cat below. Feeling proud and strong you make your way through the thick vegetation to a small cave nestled within a mountain’s base. As you curl up and drift off to sleep you hear a voice talking to you. It is not clear or easy to understand. But you do notice the further you drift off to sleep the stronger the voice becomes.


When you awake take note of the type of bird you see or become. This will hold a clue about how you are feeling now. Take note of the type of tree you turn into let your mind go wild and create exactly what comes easily to you.

Trees are sacred messengers of earth magic research the tree you become. Also, take note of the type of cat you see and turn into, this will also hold a clue for you. Exposing your personality and drive. Spiritual animals become guides if we let them.

Practising this meditation shamanic journey before you fall asleep will open you to a conversation with your spiritual guides. It may feel like a dream but astral travel sometimes feels like that.

Remembering the conversations you have with spirit when you awake is a sign of astral body consciousness. Over time you will find your wisdom along with spiritual awakening. Take the journey.  © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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