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Mindfulness is the key to happiness

Regular daily mindfulness meditation has many health benefits including greater peace of mind, lessening of anxiety, reduction of stress, and better physical and emotional health. Daily meditation benefits begin immediately although not generally highly noticeable straight away but with discipline and regular practice a calmer wiser more intuitive you will arise.

With daily practice over a period of time meditation will help you get in touch with yourself, to truly know who you are. A universal rule in its own right is “Know thyself”.  The daily mindfulness meditation outlined here will help move you into deeper more advanced meditation techniques.

Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Daily mindfulness meditation is best practised as soon as you are aware that you’ve awoken from sleep.  Soon after we awake in the morning a string of thoughts flow across our minds of tasks and commitments we have for the day. Our goal is to meditate before this happens, meaning we have to begin meditation immediately upon awakening, at this stage, we are still half asleep which is the perfect time to connect with our higher selves.

A brief ritualistic relaxation meditation to set up the morning’s mindfulness meditation needs to be performed before you fall asleep the night before. To awake fresh and positive with a good night’s sleep really depends on our frame of mind and how relaxed our body is before we actually fall asleep. Achieving a state of relaxation before you sleep will guarantee positive results in your morning mindfulness meditation.

With a relaxed mind, our body begins to relax with
a relaxed body our soul begins to appear.

A few minutes just before you’re ready to sleep and a few minutes after you have awoken is all that is needed to reap the rewards of daily meditation. Take a moment to learn the daily meditation method and practice around the same time for the best results.

The night before. Around 30 minutes before you are ready to go to bed, start to contemplate on your night’s sleep, repeat this phrase to yourself quietly several times as you take a deep breath in “It’s now time to relax, it’s now time to sleep”. On your breath out repeat the phrase again. Do this three or four times.

Around 10 minutes before sleep, prepare your bedroom and have a freshly made bed with your favourite pillow puffed up and ready to go. Make sure there is no harsh lighting coming into your windows from outside if so cover the window or close the curtains. Tip: if you have trouble sleeping place a rose quartz crystal underneath the bed below where your head lies.

Time to sleep, lay down on your back, arms by your side, legs shoulder-width apart, and make yourself as comfortable as you can lay flat. Take a deep breath in through the nose and repeat this phrase “I’m ready to sleep, I feel relaxed”. Breathe out through your mouth, as you do so, relax the body, and feel your entire body sinking into the mattress. Do this three times or four times.

Find now your usual comfortable position in your bed for sleep, if thoughts come in acknowledge them and let them go, do not ponder upon them. If you find this difficult repeat the phrase “Time to sleep” as you let go of thoughts coming in.

Morning mindfulness meditation. As soon as you feel yourself awakened do not open your eyes, try not to move, try not to stir, and make your first effort an experience of feeling yourself breathe. Feel the slight wind caressing your upper lip as you breathe in and out. * Once achieved take a deep breath in through the nose to the count of four and exhale out of the mouth to the count of four.

Do this three times all without first stirring the body. * Do not open your eyes. Stretch out your arms and legs roll over if you have to, squeeze your hands together in a fist and then relax them. Lay on your back and begin normal breathing. * At this time thoughts of the day will come in, this is the most important part of your daily meditation routine.

As the thoughts of a task or commitment come in interrupt them by saying to yourself “Yes I can do that, I feel healthy, I feel strong, today is fortunate and productive”. Lay for a few minutes concentrating on your breath relax and deal with the next thought in the same way. Lay there quietly and relaxed until all your daily commitments are dealt with.

Be strong almost overpowering yourself when you interrupt saying “Yes I can do that, I feel healthy, I feel strong, today is fortunate and productive”. With a disciplined mind and regular meditation, you will notice the difference in well-being and peace of mind, reducing stress and anxiety. Therefore allowing the mind, body, and spirit to heal and thrive naturally. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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