Destiny Number Reading

Destiny Number Reading
Destiny Number Reading

Often referred to as the destiny or life path number. A core number in your numerology chart has a significant influence. Your date of birth is the moment in time you arrived on earth, it has significant numerological value on your life journey.

The destiny number reading may indicate such things as skill sets, attributes, strength of character and what obstacles and life challenges follow your life path number. Calculate your life path number below and read the corresponding number meaning to your life path number. Look up your family and friends it may give you some insight into your loved ones.

Destiny Number Reading

How To Calculate Your Destiny Number

Numerology Calculations Correct Way

(15th of December – 1985)
15th Day = 1+5 = 6
December 12th month = 1+2 = 3
Year 1985 = 1+9+8+5 = 23 = 2+3 = 5

Life Path Number for Mary Jay Smith
6+3+5 = 14 = 1+4 = 5

Incorrect Way

7th of January 1975
7 + 1 +1 + 9 + 7 + 5 = 30 = 3
Mary Jay Smith is not a 3.

Life Path Number 1

With the element of fire driving the energy force, number one is set for action and purpose. Ruled by the sun number one, display a strength of character with conviction, tenacity, and willpower.

Leadership qualities and being able to work on one’s own, are all positive, number one. Often the number one life path ventures out on their own in business, becoming dependent only on themselves. With a good heart, the lion spirit animal rules number one.

Shadow Side

Learning to cope with anger and frustration early in life is one trait of number one. This does eventually make them wiser in knowing themselves. It is important for the number one to have a life partner so much so that if he or she does not they or only become half the man they or could of.

Life Path Number 2

The element of water helps the number two adapt to new situations quickly. The moon and her goddess-like essence are the totems of number two. Providing sharp intuition with heightened senses.

The number two life path is destined to be walked with someone by your side. Often the number two will marry young forming strong emotional bonds. Grounded and realistic as the bear totem animal who watches over the number two. A search for their twin flame plays a part in their quest for love.

Shadow Side

With elevated emotions, the number two will sometimes fall into overwhelming co-dependent relationships. Leaving them susceptible to depression and anxiety which becomes something that drives them to understand themselves a little more. A spiritual journey.

Life Path Number 3

Blissfully connecting all matter and kinds of communication energy. The number three conjures the changing energy of the wind with the element of air. Aiding to fuel the fire of Mars the ruler of the number three. Often the number three will join and connect others toward a goal or group project.

Naturally in sync with the synchronicity of the universe. Harmoniously complemented by the butterfly spirit animal transformation and growth are the three guides. Driving the number is a passion for life and all it has to offer.

Shadow Side

There is a tendency for the number three to delve into the dark side of things if allowed to rest for too long. Bursting into emotional reactions without thinking about what is being said. Causing conflicts with family and friends on the occasion. In time this behaviour is regulated with a consciousness of thought.

Life Path Number 4

With earth as the element of the number four stability and hard work are the motto. Mercury shines as the ruler of the number four and adds a playful but focused nature. Taking chances and risks is the way number four plays the game.

With great reward usually, the number four has the magic of manifestation powers behind it. Wish hard and long, play and work even harder and success will naturally follow. Certain luck applies to the number four with the elephant spirit animal as guardian.

Shadow Side

Prone to jealousy and resentment the number four sometimes struggles with fitting in amongst a group or collective. But once they find their place in the community they become invaluable to the people around them. Through these challenges, wisdom prevails.

Life Path Number 5

Lucky Jupiter rules the number five bringing with it, explosive character and robustness to match. With air, the element the number five acts as a catalyst stirring things up in the wind. Making them happen with ease where previously there was no movement.

The number five glows with adventure and excitement looking to explore nature and its people. A number of the thinker, the creative, the writer, a number that contains the energy of all other numbers. Panther animal spirit resides over the number five providing the confidence needed to succeed.

Shadow Side

The number five often struggles with self-confidence leading to depression if they do not keep active and participating. Slipping sometimes into a self-destructive pattern, it is important for the number fives to be aware of a positive life pattern forming and stick with it.

Life Path Number 6

Venus rules the number six and provides passionate and feminine vibrations. Air swirls around the number six providing a balance of male and female energy. Stability and practicality are the most fortuitous vibrations surrounding the number six life path.

Enabling success in the workplace and in personal financial matters. A sharp mind with tenacious ambition drives the six to excel in their chosen life projects. The falcon spirit animal augers the number six to develop foresight. Several, changes of career are on the cards for the number six eventually leading them to their passion.

Shadow Side

The number six is not a decisive influence some may suffer from being able to make a decision in a given time frame. Balancing work, home and play poses a small issue for the number six simply because the six forgets to be spontaneous.

Life Path Number 7

Ruled by Saturn the number seven possesses a magical quality, to the point of being elusive. The element water lords over the number seven keeping the rivers running (life movement). With a sweet and thoughtful nature, number seven makes friends and influences people easily.

Family and friends are very important to number seven. Who is always trying to positively contribute to others’ well-being? Number sevens are extremely intuitive and often possess psychic abilities. The spirit animal ladybug flies over the number seven as a guardian. Travel is indicated possibly a move overseas later in life.

Shadow Side

If number seven does not succeed in life as expected. It leaves them deflated and hard for them to pick themselves back up again. But once they do, watch out world. At times the seven will forget to trust her intuition which is always trustworthy. Part of the journey of the seven is to develop their inner strength and wisdom.

Life Path Number 8

Uranus rules the number eight aiding in spiritual growth and transcendence. Strongly persuasive the number eight and the element of earth assure self-control and grounding. A strong business sense lies behind the influence of the eight.

And often the eight will go on to entrepreneurial activities. Obstacles provide a platform for the eight to find their strength and personal power, they consider their personal growth challenges. The Spirit animal the praying mantis is the totem of the number eight and aids in focus and concentration.

Shadow Side

The eight copes better in a relationship one that is solid and has some depth. Without this, the eight may fall victim to many frequent relationships. A stubborn nature interferes with their ability to think clearly in some situations. Meditation is almost built for the personality of the number eight providing a calm balance of power.

Life Path Number 9

With the childlike Neptune at the captain seat of the number nine. Creativity, imagination, artistry, and vision insight lead the charge. The number nine life path holds the energy of all elements fire, earth, water and air giving it an occult-like power.

Able to guide their wishes and dreams into reality. With wise owl spirit animal nurturing the number nine only good spiritual things can come of this partnership. Nines will go on to help others in ways that they cannot help themselves. A spiritual leader number nine has the ability to become, even if it is just amongst their own family and friends.

Shadow Side

A strong romantic side often leads the nine astray as they can fall hard when love arrives in all the wrong ways. Independent to the core the number nine likes to do things within their own power and find it hard to ask for help.

Emotionally sensitive is a good thing and the nine has it in spades. Unfortunately every now and again this becomes overwhelming for them. Leading to periods of sadness and inactivity.

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