Red Rose Meaning And Symbolism

red rose meaning
The red rose meaning

Red Rose Meaning

The red rose has a definitive meaning, it says loud and clear “I Love You”. The original and most popular choice of flower for Valentine’s Day. If you want to tell someone you love them, a red rose usually does the trick. The language of flowers speaks with clarity when it comes to the red rose.

The deeper the shade of red rose the deeper the meaning, one of lust and passion. Showing sexual interest, saying I’m ready, are you? If you don’t want to send this kind of message think of giving a yellow rose or white rose instead. The rose is the birth flower for the month of June.

Single Red Rose Symbolism

A single red rose symbolises deep commitment, love adoration for a particular person. A single young rosebud is a token of purity and innocence going into a new relationship. The essence of a single red rose is passion mixed with romance and desire.

The gesture of a rose symbolises certain traits in a person. A poetic soul with an abundance of empathy. Don’t be surprised if your red rose comes with a love poem attached. The single red rose is the traditional gift for Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to convey protection in your spiritual message, give a rose with the thorns still on the stem.

What Do Red Roses Mean In A Relationship?

What does a red rose mean in a relationship? It’s a sign of ongoing love, falling deeper for someone you have already been with for some time. It is also a sign of respect, a recognition of a soul mate and or twin flame.

A gift of eleven roses is a symbol of trust and everlasting true love, that has not dwindled. Twelve Roses is the folk story of the traditional bunch of roses saying “True Love”. The ominous 13 roses are a declaration that you have a secret admirer. A gift of red roses while married sometimes means “I’m Sorry” and Please forgive me. It is said that the scent of vanilla is accompanied by a red rose. Will hypnotise and entice a person to become your lover.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Red Rose

The Greek goddess Aphrodite ( goddess of love) manifested the rose as a symbol of love. The rose goes back to medieval times and is the main ingredient in love spells. Roses are often seen with angles and are a symbol of the divine.

The magic of smell. The fragrance emitted from the red rose alerts the senses. Activating the heart chakra, and igniting emotional connectivity. Roses often appear when miracles happen. The mystic rose attracts the auric energy of those in its presence. Want to capture someone’s attention? A red rose will do it.

A beautiful spiritual gift of nourishing love ritual takes place as soon as you think to go out and buy red roses.  If the love connection already exists. The person behind your thought receives this energy instantly. So be secret, plan more than usual would. Make your gesture a moment to remember through planning and execution. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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