Neptune Planet Meaning Astrology

Neptune Planet Meaning Astrology
Neptune Astrology

Neptune is linked to the God of Sea in Roman mythology. this powerhouse planet is also known as the blue planet. Pisces is its ruler and drives us to become a better person a more spiritual one. It takes 146 years to circle the zodiac, staying about fourteen years in each star sign.

Neptune Planet Meaning Astrology

The Unconscious mind, Intuition, Lucid dreamer, occult and mysticism, the otherworldly, inner self. Also ruling psychic awareness, and spiritual development, the dream time and astral Travel or out of body experiences.

Neptune’s symbol or Glyph (♆) is a trident made of a crescent pointing toward the zenith for spiritual receptivity. The Neptune glyph means the soul’s wanting to break free from the limitations of the physical and earthly existence.

Ruling House: 12th House of Spirituality and Subconsciousness
Neptune retrogrades: Once every year, with each retrograde lasting around five months.
Pluto Gods: God of the Sea.
Pluto Zodiac: Rules Pisces.
Medical Astrology:  relates to the feet, toes, and thalamus.
Rune Stones: Othila, Dagaz
Crystals associated with Neptune are amethyst, smoky quartz and green aventurine.

Deep reflection is needed as we move into the 12th House of the subconscious mind ruled by the planet Neptune. The 12th house represents your connection to spirituality and the self. As well as the deep and personal emotions you are able to feel in your heart of hearts.

The Imagination and romantic qualities are also attributed to Neptune, as they allude to the possibility of an alternative reality. The planet Neptune also rules selfless love and shows the extent of our lunacy to lose ourselves in a relationship.

Neptune stands for imagination, idealism, a dreamer, creativity, fantasy, receptivity, and spirituality.  Neptune is generally regarded as the planet of illusion, glamour, imagination, fantasy, psychic ability. Also considered to make a person prone to daydreaming, poor focus or concentration, and being easily fooled by others Neptune seems to have a childish gullibility.

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