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Sigil Magic How To
Sigil Magic How To

The metaphysical art of sigil magic. What is a sigil and what is it used for? How do I make my own magical sigil symbol? The term sigil derives from the Latin word sigillum meaning seal.

Sigil Magical Symbols

A sigil is a magician’s seal a symbolic physical manifestation of the intent of the magician. To cast out his or her intent to the world magical scribings were used. These sigils are created using a magic formula usually a personal one developed by the metaphysical magician.

The sigils may be drawn and cast in the air using the pointer finger with the sky as a background. And released to the universe instantly. Or sigils may be scribed, into the wood, drawn on paper and then burnt or hidden in an artwork.

Sigils influence people’s thoughts, ideas, emotions, and desires. An ancient art that has been practised for hundreds of years. The world’s most popular sigil is the MacDonald logo the big yellow m against a red background.

Carved into our minds to feel hungry when we see it. Yes, magic is everywhere and especially in the corporate world. Most logos are a form of sigil magic other forms are rune stones and ogham symbols.

Sigil Magic Decoder

What Are Sigils Used For?

What are sigils used for? that is entirely up to the intent of the magician or psychic. I must now say that a sigil is only as good as the magician who made it. If you do have not the ability to cast your feelings into a symbol bring it to life. Your sigils will not succeed.

With good positive intent, sigils can bring peace and harmony among the many. Used with love and light and a little wisdom, sigils are an amazing way to create consciousness. On the other hand, if those using them have ill intent and harm as their purpose. Sigils take on a negative spellbinding effect on others.

As I said it is up to the intent or spiritual nature of the psychic who chooses to use such magic. Sigils are used for anything, wants, desires, success, manipulation, control, love, harmony and peace.

A common sigil formula using numerology and the power of the word. Turning the magician’s thoughts desires and intent into words. And from words into numbers. And from numbers into symbols using the Lo Shu magic square.

Creating A Sigil


The first step to take is to think about your intention. What is it you want to manifest? This is the most important step if your intention is not clear or you have some doubts about what you want. It renders the spell or sigil inconclusive and will cease to activate.


For example, our intention will be to bring in a soul mate or twin flame. As per the sigil below. It has a desire and it has intent. I transferred this to words as simply as I could. “Come In Twin Flame” From here drop the vowels leaving you with CMTWNFLM.

Now code the letters into numbers using the number code found above. This leaves us now with 34255634. How You draw the lines connecting the numbers together by using the magic square pictured above. The result is what you see in the picture below the sigil for “Come In Twin Flame”

Use a circle to mark the start of the sigil and a bar to mark the end of the sigil. A sigil may be made from a single word, phrase, or sentence. Broken up into two or three sigils or one big complex sigil. For example, the three sigils that appear in the main picture of this article read. “The magic is found here”

Sigil to bring forward your soul mates and twin flame.
Created by Psychic Medium Ian Scott.
“Come In Twin Flame”

To activate this particular digital sigil meditate upon the sigil, every now and then close your eyes and see the sigil in your mind’s eye. Repeat this process several times until you see the symbol perfectly when you close your eyes. When you think of a soul mate or twin flame re-visualize the sigil by closing your eyes for a brief second.

Try scribing your own magic symbol sigil concentrate and focus on what it is you’re wanting and begin. Remember it takes passion and a strong wanting and desire to cast emotions and magic into a symbol. Prepare and work your way towards creating your sigil slowly and methodically. Using meditation techniques.

How To Activate The Sigil Magic

There are a number of ways to activate a sigil. The most effective is to release it, release it to the world and watch it work. In this way you have to let go, for now, everyone sees it not just you. Letting go is the key.

As for any spell or any project for that matter. We must at some stage release, let go and allow the world to see our creation or desire. Although hidden. The real meaning of a sigil is usually a personal one and is kept secret from the magician.

If a spell or sigil drawing is highly personal and you don’t wish to release it. Burning the sigil after creation is just as successful for you personally. The same method applies to finding a way to release.

By the act of burning your sigil, you are intentionally releasing it to the universe for manifestation. It is important if using this method to release all ties of expectation. Knowing that it is working must be felt so strongly that you can forget about it. And only be reminded when it happens. © Psychic medium Ian Scott 

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