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Yellow Rose Spiritual Meaning

Yellow Rose Spiritual Meaning one of friendship warmth and love.
Plus the mystical magical properties and uses of the yellow rose.

yellow rose spiritual meaning
Yellow rose spiritual meaning – Friendship flower

Yellow Rose Spiritual Meaning

The yellow rose is strongly connected to friendships and relationships of all kinds. Symbolizing the extra strength and prosperity when two or more work together. A celebration flower with warm, kind, loving, vibrations attached. Even though plutonic love is the message. Love is powerful for it seeks no conditions. The yellow rose with this in mind has the meaning of long-awaited love attached to it as well.

Generally, calm happy vibrations flow from the presence of yellow roses. They bring emotional empathic energy. Brightening any situation which may have a little darkness to it. The soft colour of yellow and the equally soft petals of the rose. Enhance the feeling of love and the bonds of friendship. Emotional healing takes place when given yellow roses.

Planet: Sun

Energy: Male

Element: Water

Astrology: Aries, Leo

The yellow rose is a celebration of joy, laughter, excitement, and goodwill to your fellow man. Often given at births, christenings, birthdays and wedding engagements. A symbol of new love and long-lasting trusting, friendship. Yellow rosebuds indicate youth and innocence and a happy heart or caring and innocent friendship. In Germanic countries, the yellow rose is used to symbolize jealousy and envy.

The Metaphysical Uses Of The Yellow Rose

The symbology takes a little turn here, as 7 or more yellow roses given in love, mean your falling in love with your best friend. The mood and atmosphere of a room change immediately with the introduction of yellow roses. Place in the kitchen to smooth over angry vibrations within the household. Using yellow roses to convey an apology means you value the friendship and do not want it to end. © Ian Scott

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