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Beryl Stone Spiritual Meaning

A stone of precious beauty. Beryl stone spiritual meaning and metaphysical
properties. A seer like no other with remarkable cats eye transformations.

Beryl Stone Spiritual Meaning
Beryl Stone Metaphysical Properties

Beryl is a mineral that belongs to the hexagonal crystal system, composed of beryllium aluminium silicate. Clear Beryl that looks similar to clear quartz is called goshenite. This precious gemstone when cabochon-cut appears as a cats eye. Beryl has many colours including green, red, blue, yellow, pink and orange.

Beryl Stone Spiritual Meaning

Beryl suppresses negative energies and boosts positive vibrations. It does this by balancing our emotions and aligning our etheric body with our physical one. When the spirit is misaligned with the physical body, it causes health issues.

Such as migraine headache, mind fog and a stiff back. Beryl stone benefits of realignment are clarity of mind and physical regeneration (self-healing). Metaphysically this amazing stone opens the third eye (pineal gland) activating the circular movement of the chakra. Which allows clear psychic vision and the possible ability to perform scrying.

Red Beryl Stone Meaning

Red beryl is also known as “bixbite” and is passionately called “red emerald” or “scarlet emerald”. Deep red beryl is especially useful as a healing stone. Able to aid us in the recovery of tragedy and trauma. Red beryl stone restores our passions and desires lighting the flame of beauty and attractiveness. With passion comes strength of spirit body and mind.

Green Beryl Stone Meaning

Green beryl stone meaning is the energy of nature itself. Connecting one with the forest and woodland fairies who live there. A calming sedative effect, perfect to hold in your palm before meditation. Or alternatively useful for those who suffer anxiety. Worn as jewellery in the form of an amulet or talisman is an effective way of receiving its magical properties. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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