The Fake Empath

The fake empath, the signs to look out for so you can avoid the toxic people in life.
Giving way to a free clear open warm future with the right people.

fake empath
The Fake Empath

Someone able to display emotions easily is not a sign of an empath. There are many things that leave a person broken in life. Why, not all of us a given a golden pathway. As an empath, it is ultra important that you know why a person is broken.

The reason being is that an empath has an inbuilt urge to help and heal others. And will naturally try to help anyone they see who might need their empathy. Of course, this is a noble gesture, but the empath may be walking into a trap designed especially for them.

Narcissistic Behaviour

People who tell long tall stories to others. Sharing and or hiding different information from the people they know. It causes the liar not to engage nor communicate too much with others. On the fear they may be found out, burning the candle at both ends.

The narcissist experiences this type of anxiety regularly. They do it to themselves through their behaviour. The narcissist cannot love, as general love goes. When they fall in love romantically or make close bonds with others. The natural response from them is to hate you. Why?

To make your life as miserable as theirs to make you feel as low as them. It is commonly called vampirism. With hate comes emotional abuse towards the ones they love. Narcissistic behaviour takes its toll on both the narcissists and the abused.

Invoking depression and anxiety in both the narcissist and the one on the receiving end. Major health issues are guaranteed, sending the body into a breakdown. The mind into disarray and the soul into a disappointing state.

A Need To Protect

As an empath, if you offer your help to these kinds of people you are only in trouble. A narcissist will use your love for them against you, to control you. They will turn everything into a weapon to hurt you.

An empath must be able to recognize a fake empath. The reason being is that narcissists seek out the empath because they become an easy target. Simply by being the person, they are loving kind, empathic, and generous.

Often the narcissist wins and the empath is left broken and the sociopath has moved on to do it all again to someone else. Mind you, in a state of mental illness. Because prolonged misbehaviour and lies and hurting others brings karma. And creates anxiety and depression.

When anxiety is caused by the self the only way to heal it, Is to become a better person. No amount of medication will do this for you. Prolonged anxiety due to a toxic person in your life leads to allergies and your body rejecting foods it would normally be able to digest.

Fake Empath

Look once, look twice, look three times my dear empath. Then you shall what is really there. Don’t commit your emotions before first knowing empath or psychopath? A toxic person will announce their empathy and hurt you in the same sentence. Often the denial is so strong in a narcissist that he or she can’t see it in themselves. This is because the sense of entitlement and selfishness they possess blinds them to the truth.

The general behaviour of a narcissist is not that different from a 3-year toddler. Although much more intelligent, sinister, and fox-like. The one thing a narcissist will never do, look at themselves. The reason they hate the ones they love is that they really hate themselves. Narcissists do know their behaviour is wrong and hurtful.

Unfortunately, entire countries are run by psychopaths. The world needs empaths to take control of the world’s affairs. Empaths no longer need to hide and run for cover. For there many of us now. The rise of the empaths. 

Conclusion: Psychopaths see love as a weakness, something they can exploit. I do feel sorry for them as they will never know or experience real love. It also reminds me, we have a lot of young souls here on schoolhouse earth. 

Love is the strongest energy in the universe. It is what holds everything together. And one day after many lifetimes, they to will have the knowledge and understanding of what love truly is. For now, align yourself with old souls and leave the young souls to learn and grow. With this knowledge, we allow ourselves a little wisdom insurance. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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