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Bat Spiritual Meaning

Bat Spiritual Meaning. The symbolism of the bat in your house signifies a
great change in one’s personal life, a spiritual transition, change of worldview.

The belly of Mother Earth,
the cave dwellers versed in magic.

The Dream weavers,
unravelling the spiritual mysteries.

Bat totem spiritual meaning
The symbolism of the bat totem

Bat Totem Metaphysical Meaning

Bat totem spiritual meanings are, extrasensory perception, Regeneration, Communication, Death and Rebirth / Endings and Beginnings, Telepathy, Renewal, Trust of instincts, Spiritual Growth, Social, Sensitive, Initiation, Ritual, Shape Shifters, Challenge, Magic, Clairaudience, Dreamwork, Ghosts, Gods, Spirits, Trance, Connected to Fog and Mist, Self-identity, Evolution, Shamans tool.

Bat Spiritual Meaning

Bat medicine reminds us to clear all behavioural patterns which are no longer needed for our highest good. The spiritual journey of the higher self. Shamans are known to shape-shift into the Bat to see at night. bats are a recognition of change and transition, often symbolizing a personal journey through the dark and into the light.

Daydreaming, meditation and long positive thoughts are all brought forward in the time of Bat entering your spiritual world. Caves were a place of power, ritual, and worship the Bat tells us to hold ourselves sacred as a part of the Great Spirit. Bat totem animal stimulates the love of oneself. Through the use of vibrational sound, negatives are turned into positives and where hate resided love can now live.

Bat Animal Spirit Guide / Totem Animal

Bat totem spirit people have the ability to decode hidden messages and to hear what is being said beneath someone’s dialogue. Bat Spirit helps us with nourishing our talents and dreams and shows us a way forward, extracting our innate abilities to work for us. Bat totem is a very powerful spirit guide if you have darkness in your heart be warned Bat will amplify your negativity.

On the opposite side, if your intent in using Bat medicine is one of love and light, Bat will grant protection from the darkness which he sees so clearly. Bat totem people are often at a time in their lives where they are freeing themselves of fixed beliefs. Bat spirit people are often psychics and or mediums, due to being able to tune into thought waves.

Bat Mythology from around the world

The Bat Totem in Medieval Europe associated Bats with Vampires, interestingly long before the common species of Vampire Bat was found. European folklore surrounded the Bat in mystery and witchcraft believing Bats were the Witches and Warlocks familiars.

Witchcraft uses Bat’s blood as a lover’s spell, often dropped in the beer or drink of their unknowing victim.  In China, Bats are considered a symbol of good fortune, prosperous luck, and great happiness. Some Native American Indians believe the Bat to be the trickster spirit, similar to the Coyote. The Samoan people held Bat as a god and depicted him in symbology when a time of war came.

Seeing Bats At Night Symbolic Meaning

Seeing Bat in the night skies augers a time when you find like-minded others to develop meaningful relationships with.

Bats In Your House Meaning

The symbolism of the bat in your house signifies a great change in one’s personal life, a spiritual transition, change of worldview. Bats in the house also auger spirit or ghosts are present.

Bat Symbolism In Dreams

Dreaming of Bat represents a part of your life that is about to undergo a major transition if the dream is unsettling you will need to find a way of accepting what is coming.

Spiritual Significance Of Seeing Bats During The Day

Seeing bat during the day, still or flying represents a situation or project that you are currently undertaking. Asking you to double-check that you are seeing things clearly and should re-evaluate before any action or decision is made. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.