Body Intuition Psychic Signs

Body Intuition Psychic Signs
Body Intuition Psychic Signs

Body Intuition Psychic Signs

How to know when your intuition is talking to you. The ancient art of reading the body’s spiritual signals. Psychic Signs Body Intuitions by psychic medium Ian Scott. Remember there are three parts to the human body, the mind the body and the soul. Science has proven when you die you weigh about a gram less than when you were alive. This part of you is the soul. The body and mind are connected to the soul or spirit through channels of energy called chakras ( see here to learn about the 7 chakras ).

The body is able to sense surrounding spiritual energy and receive psychic intuitions of the future and the here and now. All one has to do to experience it if you haven’t already, is to be in extreme self-aware mode.

Below are some common intuitional signs the body gives out as clues and reactions to the surrounding psychic energy you are involved with. I have experienced each one of these examples shown here and can attest to their metaphysical and future-telling accuracy.

Having a mole or more commonly known as a beauty spot on the left-hand side of your face signals, gentleness, kindness, and loyalty as well as beauty. These people are destined to be in front of the camera in some way. Having a mole on the right side of your face is a sign you have great ambition and will succeed at all you do through guts and determination.

A sudden migraine headache that arrives very quickly may be a sign something negative and destructive is about to happen in your personal life. There is no safeguard here it is a strong pain and does not go away until the destructive event is over. This will happen in less than 24 hours once a migraine headache strikes.

Itchy Left-Hand Meaning

An itchy left hand or palm is a sign of your energy flow going outward toward the world. It does not always mean, money is on the way out. It’s a spiritual intuition letting you know. Now is the time in your energy cycle to concentrate on what you wish to put out into the world.

Itchy Right-Hand Meaning

Having an itch in the right hand or palm means your energy flow cycle, is now receiving from the outside world. If your current projects involve money then yes there is a good chance it flows your way.

A sudden itchy nose with no reprieve in sight augers an argument or disagreement of some kind. A bolt of negative energy is sent to you via the source or person you had the argument with. If this persists you are under psychic attack.

The left ear goes red and hot. Someone is talking good of you, gossip is projected your way with a positive loving influence. If your right ear goes red and gets hot? Someone is talking ill of you, the gossip is negative and dangerous to you spiritually. If both ears go red and hot and you can’t stop touching them spirit is calling you either a passed-away relative or an angelic presence is with you.

If your left eye twitches bad news in the form of a letter or email is coming. Right eye twitches spiritual meaning is something pleasant, something to look forward to is coming your way. If both eyes twitch a court appearance and trouble with the law, are on their way, be cautious to avoid trouble.

If you receive the evil eye from someone and that someone is psychic, this could have irreparable damage to the spirit. To guard one against the evil eye cross your fingers on both hands and put them behind your back.

A dimple on the chin means many lovers you will win. The problem is holding on to these lovers as egomania and lust for self reside in these people. To avoid this, take a deep journey into oneself. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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