Moving Meditation Energy Gathering

Moving Meditation

Spiritual Written Guided Moving Meditation “Energy Gathering” Meditation technique for recharging the body mind and spirit. Harness the power of meditation by gathering the life force from around you.

Light Bringer Moving Meditation Energy Gathering

There are many names for the life force which surrounds us, manna, chi and the list goes on. It is the spirit of all things the light behind the eyes which alerts us to life. Skilled practitioners draw in the universal life force energy from all things around them.

The trees, the sun, the moving waters, the moon the wind, the birds and of course the spirit of all those things. Bringing life-giving energy and spirit into the body mind and soul. Which has the capabilities of healing all three things and lifting the soul to a new level of inspiration and spiritual ascension?

Moving Meditation Advanced Technique

Besides the seven major chakras, there are many minor chakra points throughout the body. These are openings to your soul or spirit doorways to the energy of your aura. The chakras located in the palms of the hands, the souls of our feet and either side of our chest will be the ones we work with within this meditation technique. If you’re unfamiliar with the chakras follow the links in this paragraph for more information.

Moving Meditation Method

Step one. This meditation is best practised outside in nature. Find yourself a patch of fresh grass or soil to stand in, Chose whether you wish to use the sun or the moon as an amplifier. The sun will recharge the body the moon will recharge the soul. Imagine openings (chakras) in the souls of your feet that connect with the life force of the ground you stand on.

Step two. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Plant your feet firmly in the ground by twisting your feet a little to sink slightly. Straighten the spine standing strongly upright. Bend the knees slightly to centre your weight between your legs. In martial arts, this stance is called a ready stance.

Step threeWith arms by your side settle in the stance, close your eyes take three deep breaths. In through your nose and exhale out of the mouth. Repeat this process three times for a total of 9 deep breaths. Open your eyes and feel your centre.

Step four. Raise your hands in the air and point the palms of your hands towards the sun or moon. Imagine openings appear in the palms of your hands. Make a light ray connection between the palms of your hands and the sun or moon. Hold this meditation pose.

Step five. In the mind’s eye create an energy white light connection between the chakras in the souls of your feet and the nearby waters and trees. Gather in the energy through the feet and channel it through the body Up to your chest. Gather in the energy which you have been collecting through the chakras in the hands of the sun or moon. And channel the energy through the body to the chest.

Step sixAs the energy gathers in the chest area and doubles in power and exhilaration. Bring the hands to the chest palms facing inwards against the chest. Press them firmly and release all the energy right throughout the body.

Stay in the meditation pose of the hands-on chest, knees slightly bent with a straight back. Remember you are actively channelling energy at this point drawing gathering and flowing it through the body.

Step seven. Remove your hands from your chest and allow them to rest. Close the eyes, and imagine an opening appearing from the top of your head (crown chakra) allowing the energy to flow from the natural sources to your hands and feet and throughout the body exiting through the crown chakra.

Make this flow continuous just like water from a tap. Hold this feeling and visualization for several minutes. Thank the god and goddesses of the earth, bow and walk backwards from the meditation circle you just created. © Psychic medium Ian Scott 

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