Thuban Fixed Star Meaning

thuban fixed star meaning
Thuban fixed star meaning

A pale yellow fixed star Thuban is situated in the constellation Draco Alpha Draconis (“the dragon”), and penetrating but subtle and emotional energy is released. Also known as the Dragons Tail and Adib. Thuban is a relatively inconspicuous star in the night sky of the Northern Hemisphere, located 305 light-years away from the Sun.

Fixed Star Thuban Meaning

Having the fixed star Thuban in your astrology chart shows a depth of character. Artistic skills and a passion for all the arts are found lingering in the Thuban star. Living a life where your talents are regularly seen and heard is a pathway offered here. Singing, preaching, writing and general leadership are all promising with Thuban in your astrology chart.

Thuban fixed star does also indicate a hard time with family. Situations where a lack of understanding and compromise spoil the mood for reconciliation. Although with patience the Thuban star energy will take over and all love connections grow due to the complications.

On the shadow side of Thuban if the star’s energy is used negatively it backfires on us. If our intentions with our fellow man are not honest and forthcoming a wave of anger sets in. Creating mistakes and broken promises. Be sure to handle all things at this time calmly and with gratitude. Remind yourself the universe is testing you and act accordingly.

Caught in a pattern of forces over which we have no control and are restless for change, this energy is best focussed on analyzing the current situation. Travel opportunities and finances are favoured, especially if others are included.  Just don’t be a slave to the addiction of emotional highs and lows… since this will isolate and divide. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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